Oasis Porn Project – Casting Call.

As part of our ongoing marketing efforts, Oasis will be producing a series of porn videos. They will be shot at Oasis, and showcase the club and what goes on there.

Each video will be five to ten minutes long, and consist of a brief introduction, followed by a scenario involving a sex scene. Each video will highlight a particular activity or interest that goes on at Oasis.  The videos will be used to market the club and would be available on our website to help introduce new couples to Oasis.

  • The first video will be about our core couples relationship enhancement. It will feature a couple that comes to Oasis to have sex, and participate in various nights in order to enhance their relationship. We would prefer to cast this as an actual couple, but would be open to casting two singles.
  • All the feature videos will emphasize Oasis values of consent, mutual pleasure, diversity and sexual freedom. We would like to cast Oasis customers, for as many roles as possible. We want to highlight the diversity of Oasis customers, while presenting the club in a positive manner.

We are looking for diversity in our participants and would like to invite both couples and single people to apply. Our hope is to build up a list of potential performers, which would allow us to match people to each theme. We would like to cast

  • Principal actors
  • Background actors – Background performers may be having sex, watching a performance; or simply relaxing in the background, depending on the nature of the scene.

We intend to primarily shoot during the Money Shot events, but are open to other nights if people aren’t comfortable performing. Only people who have specifically consented to appear in the videos will be recorded.

We will ask for conventional porn-making requirements

  • Willing to have your face appear in the video
  • Sign a waiver granting Oasis all rights to the finished product.
  • Produce proof of STD testing.

As we need various background performers; couples, men or women.

We encourage anyone to apply (even if you don’t believe you’re suitable for the specific role.) We hope to cover a wide range of diversities over the course of making these videos.

If interesting in participating in anyway, please


Include the following:

Whether you are applying as a couple or single. If as a single person, provide an indication of what kinds of performing, and with what kinds of people, you would be interested in filming with.

  • Whether you are interested in performing as the featured couple, or in the background, or both. And if background, whether you would be having sex, clothed or nude.
  • How much you would like to be paid for performing, depending on what you are doing. Payments could be in the form of money, or memberships, or a combination.
  • Some pictures, so we know what you are suitable for.
  • Any indications of prior experience, or anything else that we might need to know about you.

We are prepared to fairly compensate people for their time and commitment. The payment will play a role in determining who we hire.

We will reply to all applications, and would like to thank everyone in advance for their interest.


High Roller; A recap from Casino Night

On Tuesday September 29th, Oasis celebrated our very first casino event, entitled ‘High Roller.’  The exclusive admission included gold plated playing cards,  $2000 in chips with which to gamble and a Couples Day Pass to use for the next visit.

Poker was set up in the Oasis Ballroom with an experienced dealer heading the game.  The person with the most chips won a fantastic prize, which included a $50 gift certificate to Cafe California, a certificate for Kingpin Hideaway, Oasis swag, sex toys and more!  Delicious, decadent appetizers were arranged on silver platters throughout the venue and both hosts and staff slipped into their most glamorous apparel.

Oasis Aqua Flirt Alexandra put on a beautiful pole performance on the main floor. This competitive pole dancer lifted and spun her body around to the awe of memorized guests. Hosts Miss F and Fionna Flauntit posed as sexy showgirls and everyone enjoyed a fabulous evening, despite the rainy weather.

We look forward to our next High Roller event, scheduled for Tuesday January 12th/2016.  There will be  changes to the format and admission cost but we are excited to bring back a high end event for high rollers & those who wish to experience a liberated, sexually-charged environment!





Appear In A Live Porn Taping With Adult Star -Falicha Karr!

Have you ever fantasized about starring in a porn shoot with well-known talent? Does the thought of a gang-bang excite you? Curious about bukkake? Do threesomes and strap-on play tickle your fancy?

On Wednesday October 28th, Oasis Aqualounge is hosting an appearance by Falicha Karr-an adult film star and the Head Mistress /Owner of the Fetish Reformatory in Niagara Falls. Starting at 3:00pm, she will be filming in the Oasis Ballroom and is looking for both men and women who are willing to participate and play on film.

The call is open to those who are interested in gang-bangs, threesomes and various forms of ‘hard core’ porn. Falicha plays safe and condom use is mandatory. Waivers will be available and must be signed before any filming takes place. For those who are shy to show face, masks will also be available to wear during the shoot. No experience is necessary but enthusiasm is encouraged. Respect for boundaries and communication of consent is a must.

We please ask that any interested parties arrive just before 3:00pm in order to meet Falicha, discuss interests and sign a waiver. All are welcome to inquire but ultimately, Falicha Karr will have the final say in who may participate. Oasis customers who are interested in observing are welcome to watch in the Ballroom and will not be caught on camera without written consent.

Please check out the links below to get a taste of what’s to cum! Oasis Aqualounge will be open from 11:00am-3:00am during our weekly ‘Hot Springs’ event.


Belly Dance in the Boudoir

Henna designs

Henna designs

On Saturday September 26th, Oasis Aqualounge  celebrated a middle-eastern themed event; Belly Dance in the Boudior. The evening began with a small crowd of guests dancing on the main floor to Middle Eastern beats. Resident DJ-The One Rustafari-mixed in some electro and pop remixes which resulted in a festive dance party!

The lovely Mistress K taught a belly dance workshop in the Oasis Ballroom.  She  gathered quite a crowd of those wanting to learn and those who loved observing the moves.  We are excited for her return to the club in order to offer this popular class for future events.

Burlesque star Loca Lola did a beautiful belly dance performance and enjoyed socializing with the guests.   Henna designs were applied on several customer-a beautiful added touch that added to the theme of the night!

Baklava, Loukoumades  and other Middle Eastern desserts were served, along with descriptions of what it was they were sampling. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed a sultry Saturday night in September!

Baklava Desserts

Baklava Desserts



Pillow Fight Night

Wednesday September 9, 2015

The Oasis ballroom was packed as guests anxiously awaited the pillow fight between Miss F and Fionna Flauntit. Oasis AquaFlirt Tashi (whom acted as referee for the first match) was scheduled to battle the winner. Guests were encouraged to place their bets on who they thought would win the match and with competitors like those it was definitely a challenge! Some ground rules were announced; no hair pulling, biting, smothering, etc. and then the match began with a fierce start! Miss F & Fionna battled it out by swinging pillows, stripping clothing off one another and tried everything they could to pin each other down for the win. After four rounds Fionna pinned Miss F and won the first game. Miss F and Tashi traded places, bets were placed and the second game began. It didn’t take Tashi long before she pinned an already worn out Fionna and took the title of Pillow Fight Champ for the night. The event was an absolute blast, we can’t wait for the next one…stay tuned!




Fan SEXpo- Super Sunday event recap!

In celebration of the Fan Expo convention, held in Toronto this past weekend, Oasis Aqualounge threw their own version of this popular event. On Sunday Sept. 6th,  cosplay fans bared the heat and arrived at the club in various comic book and super hero costumes.  Miss F and Aqua Flirt Tashi greeted guests, provided tours to new faces and hosted a fun array of various features, all in line with the theme of the night.

A special Spectator Sex show, inspired by Game of Thrones kicked off the event and was held in the Oasis Ballroom. The couple disrobed against a projected  background of this popular program and performed a live sex show to an appreciative audience.  Following the exhibition was a festive Cosplay Costume contest in which two winners were selected out of a large group of contestants.  Miss F and Tashi provided prizes and we greatly thank everyone who participated. Last but beyond least was a performance by Nerd Girls Burlesque. Helen of Tronna, Delicia Pastiche and Loretta Jean make up this amazing burlesque troupe and entertained guests with their sexy interpretations of Mario Brothers, Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

Summer is one of the most exciting and busy times at Oasis Aqualounge and we appreciate everyone who attended Fan SEXpo last night. Fall may be approaching but there are many more events to come. Check out our website for something that may catch your eye. We look forward to enjoying a new season with you!