Porn & Partnerships; A Sex School Story of Love, Porn & Relationships

IMG_1781On Friday February 5th, the monthly event Sex School welcomed two  special guests to the Oasis Ballroom to discuss the chosen topic; ‘Porn & Partnerships; Secrets To A Healthy Relationships.’

This was  presented by porn actor/Oasis AquaFlirt Sophie Rose & her primary partner.  The conversation took guests on a journey from Sophie’s early experiences in the porn industry as a single woman  to finding love in a beautiful polyamorous relationship.  Sophie spoke candidly about her love for the porn industry and the difficulties faced while dating different people with varying opinions on her chosen profession.

She told an empowering story about following an unconventional passion and the importance of remaining honest and true to herself.  Upon meeting her current partner, Sophie found someone who she could share her dreams with and discovered a whole new level of intimacy, while still performing-and loving!-in porn.

The couple exchanged funny antidotes about their relationship and their own journey towards discovering porn/erotic photo shoots as a couple. While they do not yet perform together, this is an avenue that they are exploring and with any shared experience, they discussed the importance of communication.

It was lovely to hear about the intensity of their sex lives and the humorous comparison between ‘porn sex positions,’ and sex had between closed doors while the cameras were off.

Whether in a monogamous ‘vanilla’ relationship, exploring polyamory and/or engaged in a situation that mixes ‘business with pleasure,’ guests found this presentation relatable, interesting and fun! Many thanks to the presenters for sharing such personal and inspiring aspects of their lives.

Sex School occurs monthly on the 1st Friday of the month, starting at 10:00pm.  Other than admission into Oasis Aqualounge, there is no additional cost to attend.


Money Shot- A View From Behind

Credit: Altovenue at Money Shot

Credit: Altovenue at Money Shot

On Tuesday January 26th, the monthly event- Money Shot: Live Porn and Erotic Photography-welcomed back some favorite participants, regular guests and new faces.

Purple Video Productions brought porn actors Sophie Rose and Queen IV, who filmed live on the 3rd floor to a captive audience.  Edwin Locke Photography did a nude and suggestive photo shoot with event producer Miss F,  which was held on the stage in the Red Bar.

Newcomers R. Harris Photography brought a beautiful model but also welcomed customers to participate on site. Upon signing a waiver, guests were encouraged to participate in a photo shoot-either with their partner (s) and/or as a solo model.

Altovenue, which specializes in gorgeous alternative  photography brought along models Abbey Mars,  Kubota Hamalengwa and Kay Sewall. The Ballroom on the 2nd floor served a great backdrop to their colorful models in sexy poses. In the adjacent room, the Oasis Dungeon welcomed back erotic photographer NIX.  In between sets, Money Shot featured a sexy Spectator Sex performance, upstairs in the Red Room. It was a  red hot show to watch!

Many thanks to all who participated and to DJ Ella Vation for hosting the event. The next Money Shot will be held on Tuesday February 23rd and will include some fantastic rope suspension photography, live porn and more. Please contact (attention Miss F) regarding participation and/or questions about future events.


Spectator Orgy A Hit

Spectator Sex on Friday Jan 29, 2016 featured a lineup of planned and spontaneous performances on centre stage in the Oasis Ballroom. A couple performed to a packed room of voyeurs and were then joined on stage by two additional women to start a second performance as a FFFM quad. This lasted a good 45 minutes offering couples and women in attendance the chance to enjoy the show while getting warmed up and then sneaking off for some time together.

The next couple chose the red room with viewers peeking in from the one way windows and filling the third floor landing to get a better look. Featuring a Spectator rookie, the couple appeared to let the rest of the world go as they moved in sync with each other, as if they were not aware anyone was watching.

The finale was an invitation from your Spectator host DJ Ella Vation for any ladies in the audience to assemble on stage for an all-girl orgy. Eight women accepted the call and an orgy it was. From a woman who had never kissed a girl before, to ladies who brought the touch and lips of experience, it was a lively rumble of beautiful bodies exploring and sharing, while ensuring each woman received individual attention from the group. One by one, the ladies enjoyed the touch of each other and then stepped back to join their partners in the audience or just to take in the experience. For many that night, Spectator Sex offered the chance to try abandoning inhibitions to explore sexual frontiers.

Spectator Sex is a monthly feature at Oasis and takes place the last Friday of the month. Any couples interested in performing at Spectator Sex, please talk to the host at one of the monthly events, or email The success of this month’s all-girl orgy means we’ll be sure to make more ‘open casting calls’ for exhibitionist women at future events. Mark the last Friday of the month on your calendar and join us on stage or in the audience.


Celebrating 3 Years of Sapphic Aquatica on January 31st.

Sapphic Aquatica-the exclusive event for women and trans people -celebrated 3 years of sexuality and freedom on Sunday January 31st. Producer, promoter and host, Miss F brought an amazing group to assist in the festivities, which also included a fundraiser for Rainbow Rainbow-a registered, charitable organization that helps LGBTQ+ people, all over the world.

Any money towards to Rainbow Railroad included raffle tickets towards great prizes. A special thank you to LJ Studios and Purple Video Productions  for their donations of prizes. 4 winners were chosen and we appreciate all who donated towards this important cause.  A special mention to long standing S.A. volunteer and supporter Shona Fraser for her assistance with the raffle on site.

DJ Cozmic Cat provided sexy beats and had the crowd dancing on the main floor. A lap dance workshop by Sasha, held in the Oasis Ballroom,  kicked off the night and drew quite a number of spectators. They remained and more guests joined in the room once Sybian rides started, operated by a trained, female-identified staff member.  Guests were treated to this high-powered pleasure machine to the back drop of   porn, filmed on location, featuring  actors Sophie Rose, Jemma Valentine, Billy Autumn, Mara Dyne and more.  Stay tuned for more from the Lady Lips brand-queer, femme born that teases and pleases!

The main floor welcomed three fantastic performances; a poetry reading from Hoa Nguyen, transgender drag queen Judy Virago and burlesque sensation Belle Jumelles.  These performers entertained, seduced and added an element of art and glamour to the party.

Sapphic Aquatica is a bi-monthly event, held on the last Sunday. The next event is Sunday March 27th. For more information, please contact



Beatnik Burlesque & Corsets & Cufflinks

Beatnik Burly~Saturday January 23, 2016

Whoa daddy-o Saturday’s beatnik inspired burlesque show was far out. Hostess with the mostess Fionna Flauntit prepared a themed playlist to get the crowd in the mood while they waited for the show to start. Show host Kingpin, disguised as a Groucho Marx inspired beatnik had the crowd in stitches with his over the top character. Fionna kicked off the show with a cool off beat track followed by shimmy shake down that really amped up the crowd’s excitement. Oasis also welcomed two new dancers, the dazzling Dainty Box & International show girl supreme Coco Framboise whose performances had everyone hot and bothered…especially the crowd in perverts row! Perverts row has become the crowd’s  new favourite place to sit for the burlesque shows, it’s the long window ledge on the stage in the ballroom. Fionna has been calling out to the late comers in the hallway to come up on stage and take a seat and man, do the guests ever rush to take it!


Corsets & Cufflnks ~Friday January 22, 2016

The guests loved the theme this Friday, as many couples dressed up for the occasion. Fionna Flauntit graciously gave out a number of 50% off Oasis coupons to those who dressed in theme.  An intimate and eager crowd gathered in the ballroom for Esther De Ville’s burlesque lap dance workshop, which was fun for everyone, especially the men getting the lap dances! Special thank you to Esther, her assistant & to those who participated.

Esther De Ville