More Sex Can Reduce Chance of Prostate Cancer

The Toronto Sun recently published an article that states men with more sexual partners have a lower risk of prostate cancer.  Please view the link for more details.  Want to share your opinon? Email us at, message our Oasis Facebook account or send us a tweet to @Oasis231mutal!


Oasis Aqualounge at The Everything To Do With Sex Show: Direct Energy Center, Toronto.

Oasis ETDWSS 1Oasis Aqualounge exhibited at the annual Everything To Do With Sex Show-an annual trade show featuring exhibitors, performers, sex educators and business owners from across the GTA and beyond.  This is the 4th year that Oasis Aqualounge has  participated and the booth has gotten bigger and sexier with every show!

This year’s display featured our events calendar of laminated posters, the Oasis bed ( a good example of the vinyl furniture featured at the club), a giant ‘vagina photo booth’ and a fully functioning hot tub.  Sexy Oasis staff enjoyed a nude/topless soak in the tub while onlookers and photographers snapped pictures.  Oasis Aqualounge featured a team of over 15 staff who represented the club and spoke to guests of the trade show about the facilities and events.   In addition, the booth also sold Oasis Aqualounge robes, 2015 calendars, tank tops and booty shorts.  All items are still  available for purchase at the club.

Oasis ETDWSS 19Many photos were taken throughout  the weekend and Oasis Aqualounge would like to thank photographers Armando Chin and Omar Funez, who were present for most of the trade show.  Oasis Aqualounge exhibits at shows throughout Toronto and the GTA. Please check the website for upcoming events/trade shows and visit us for more information on the club.  You may even get a chance to join us in the hot tub! Please check out the Gallery for more exciting photos from this show.

Oasis ETDWSS 3


Oasis Aqualounge Media Event for the Everything To Do With Sex Show

IMG_3471e (800x600)

Credit: Armando Chin

Oasis Aqualounge hosted the media event for the annual Everything To Do With Sex Show, held at The Direct Energy Center from October 24th-Oct 26th.   The pre-party was held at the club on Thursday October 23rd, starting at 8:00pm.  This event welcomed over 50 special guests which included prominent photographers, journalists, promotional companies, bloggers and exhibitors.  Attendees included writers from NOW Magazine,  Mike Strobel from the Sun Media and   reporters from Love This City T.V.

The festivities were held on the 3rd floor of the club and guests enjoyed cupcakes,  gift bags, a display of sex toys and samples from Blow Vapor-a partner of the show and media event.  They gave away e-cigarettees and displayed an e-hookah. Sexy Oasis cocktail staff moved throughout the venue and bottle service was provided to customers.  Funky hip hop and house tunes were provided by DJ The One Rustafari.

On the main floor, Miss F sold 2015 Oasis Aqualounge calendars, which are currently available at the club for $15.00.  At 11:00pm, nudity and sex were allowed again at the venue and suddenly, there was a lot more skin showing! Everyone enjoyed the facilities and we thank the organizers of the

Credit :Paul Murton-The Bloor News

Credit :Paul Murton-The Bloor News

ETDWSS for holding their media event at the club.



2015 Oasis Aqualounge Calendars now on sale!

IMG_9054_edit_ltrThe highly anticipated 2015 Oasis Aqualounge calendars are now on sale at the club.  This project was designed and executed by the amazing staff and it was truly a labor of love!  We are excited to share the images and energy from this calendar and hope you enjoy celebrating our sexually diverse and liberated environment 265 days a year.

The concept for this year’s calendar was inspired from our variety of events that cater to the many desires and interests within the club. Each month features a regularly held event with a small description and an images that portrays the vibe.  All photos were taken at the venue and every picture features a fun group photo of the individuals that are employed by the club.

This calendar is only $15 and the net proceeds go to PWA-Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. For more information, please visit:

Get yours now while supplies last and support a fantastic organization!



Wiggle Wednesday

Wednesday October 1, 2014

The Hot Springs crowd are always in for a special treat the first Wednesday of every month as Oasis hosts “Wiggle Wednesday”Burlesque Night.  This event features two shows, an after dinner show at 8:00 pm,  perfect for the day crowd that want to stick around but not too late, and then a evening show at 11:00 pm.  Tonight’s dancers included to newbies to Oasis, Bella Canto (Chicago) and Zilly Lilly (Toronto) alongside Oasis frequent performers Pretty Penny and Bianca Boom Boom (known as “The Triple B with the Double D’s”). What a lineup!

These incredibly talented ladies wowed the crowd with their fun & flirty acts.  Bella Canto “The Seductive Songstress”got a great round of applause for the variety in her acts; singing, shibori rope tying and classic strip tease.  Bianca had the crowd in the palm of her hand with both of her upbeat bump ‘n grind  numbers, Pretty Penny dazzled in a stunning purple costume and Zilly Lilly brought a bit of kink with black leopard print latex panties, a truly well rounded show.  Thank you to all the performers & guests for making Wiggle Wednesday such a great night, we look forward to the next one.






Flash Mob Make Out now on YouTube!

Check out footage from the Oasis Aqualounge Flash Mob Make Out during TIFF festivities on Friday Sept. 5th!