Inside a High-Tech Swingers Party Scene

Check out what is new, hot and high tech at  lifestyle parties in the Silicon Valley! The Bronze Club is making is easier for couples to meet one another using new soft wear in the swingers scene.


Flare magazine and Toronto’s sex party scene!

Check out this full and sexy article about the sex party scene in Toronto. Oasis Aqualounge has a mention about Sass After Class/Spit Porn Shoot.  The city seems to be evolving towards a much more liberated place in general-we like that!


What to wear to Oasis Aqualounge

What is the dress code at Oasis Aqualounge? 

That is one of our most frequently asked questions! Oasis Aqualounge offers a clothing-optional experience but like everything at the club, it is at your own comfort level. No one is required to be naked or remain naked. You will be provided with a locker to store your belongings so you may bring outfits, swimwear, lingerie-whatever tickles your fancy! Our guests rock a variety of looks. If suntanning/swimming in the buff is not right for you, feel free to bring your swimsuit.  In case you forgot a bikini, Oasis sells swimwear at the club for only $20.  *Designs/sizes/quantites limited-while supplies last.*  If you are feeling chilly in the winter months, wrap yourself up in fresh towels or bring a robe.

If you are planning for a weekend evening out, club wear or sexy lingerie is perfectly acceptable. Some events are themed so refer to our website for ideas and inspiration.  We have a variety of fun parties that encourage dressing up and costume play.  Customers who enjoy the Oasis dungeon or special fetish events love to bring their fetish outfits-anything from lace to latex is welcome. Oasis works with a variety of retailers who sometimes provide free giveaways and/or sample outfits. We have welcomed ElleStyles, Kinky Miss Lingerie, Seduction and The Stag Shop. Looking for a nearby place to shop for an outfit? Most of these locations are just blocks away from the club. One special couple-The Wratens-often drop by Oasis to provide special, complimentary outfits for women.  Check the website or our social media pages for their next visit. 

We are a body-positive establishment, meaning all shapes and sizes are welcome and admired. The most important aspect is that you  feel comfortable and sexy during your visit so wear (or don’t wear) what makes you feel amazing. Enjoy the freedom to express your own individuality.


Snow Glow After Glow NYE2015

Wednesday December 31, 2014

By: Fionna Flauntit

Oasis Aqualounge was transformed into a winter wonderland this New Year’s Eve, adorned with sparkling snowflakes everywhere and the main floor, red bar and new ballroom drenched in black light. The atmosphere was bubbling with excitement as guests filed into the club anxiously waiting to get the party started. Almost everyone was wearing white for maximum “glow!”

One of the highlights of the night was the unveiling of the new Oasis ballroom, guests gathered around and cheered as Jana made the announcement. Following the unveiling, we just had to break in the new stage with performances. Burlesque babes Gigi Vanilla & Fionna Flauntit dazzled in black light as they wowed the audience with the art of strip tease. The super hot spectator sex performance that followed turned everyone on so much the whole room nearly became one big orgy, so hot!

Our good friends Infinite Body Arts were stationed in the upstairs Red Bar, the room was packed with people being body painted, mingling, drinking & making out…it was such an awesome vibe! Before we knew it, champagne was being passed around for the big countdown and everyone cheered, kissed and drank as we rang in 2015.  It was truly a magical night, the best New Years to date!  Special thanks to the awesome Oasis staff, Infinite Body Arts, the performers and to those who worked so many countless hours on making the unveiling of the ballroom a reality!


2015 Annual Naked Polar Bear Dip at Cherry Beach!

On Thursday January 1st, 2015  friends and staff of Oasis Aqualounge commemorated the New Year with our annual Naked Polar Bear Dip at Cherry Beach.   The plunge was quick as the weather was windy but the group disrobed and ran right into the water. Afterwards, couples and  single women who participated received free cover to Oasis for the day and a complimentary hot beverage. It was a liberating and festive way to start of 2015. Thank you to all who participated!  017016



Oasis Aqualounge Waiver and Rules

Oasis Logo PalmsOasis  Aqualounge Ltd., 231 Mutual Street, Toronto, Ontario, is a fully licensed on-premises private members club where nudity and sexual acts between consenting adults are permitted. You consent to this form by selecting OK indicating your comfort with being in a club where sexual activities may take place.


Please note that we at Oasis Aqualounge request your completion of this member form to secure our status as a private club for members only. We respect your desire for discretion and want to assure you that we will not sell or share your information with any other business.


Membership is restricted those 19 years of age and above. Member entry to any given event may be restricted based on age or gender such as Monday under 35 events, and couples and women only Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday events.


Oasis Aqualounge Ltd. reserves the right to deny membership to any person or persons for any cause whatsoever at its sole discretion. Members agree to pay admission fees and dues as requested by club management upon entry.


I (we) are applying for membership in Oasis Aqualounge. I (we) agree to abide by the following club rules:


1 No means No. If a member’s invitation to engage in consensual sexual activity with another club member is refused or declined, the member must accept the refusal. Unsolicited or unwanted touching of another member is prohibited.


2 Oasis Aqualounge is an inclusive facility, meaning that we are accepting of all genders and (sexual) orientations. All members must conduct themselves in a mature, courteous and responsible manner and be respectful of other members and club staff.


3 The use of cameras or video recording devices is strictly restricted. Please alert staff if you suspect someone of using recording devices in the club.


4 Management is not responsible for lost or stolen personal articles, locks for lockers are provided. You may also bring your own lock or purchase a lock from Oasis. We reserve the right to cut off personal locks left overnight.

5 On couples nights, no male member may enter the club premises unless accompanied by a female partner.


6 Members acknowledge that sexual activity, nudity and partial nudity occur on club premises and that as a member you are in no way offended by such activity. Further, each member acknowledges that all sexual activities that he or she may engage in on club premises is consensual in nature, not undertaken under duress and not undertaken in exchange for financial compensation.  

7 Memberships are non-refundable.


8 Members acknowledge that shoes are not to be worn on furniture, and that members are responsible for damage caused by heels or shoes on furniture.

9 For those who have agreed to receive our newsletter, please know that you can unsubscribe at any time from within any emailed newsletter you receive.


10 Members acknowledge the pool is unsupervised and decks can becomes slippery when wet. You agree to use the pool, hot tub, dungeon and other Oasis facilities at your own risk, especially if you choose to consume alcohol.

11 No outside drinks may be brought into the club. You may bring snacks in or Oasis staff can order food in for you. You also have in and out privileges during business hours on the day or evening of your visit.

12 Oasis Aqualounge is a completely smoke free venue. There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the premises, including the outside pool deck.