Stage 2 FAQ

When will you be open?

As of Friday, July 16th we are open with full amenities at a 25% capacity.

What days and times will you be open?

We will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Opening hours will be from 1 pm-10 pm. These hours are likely to ramp up quickly as we reopen so keep an eye on the ticketing page for more details.

What time slots are available?

The current time slots available are as follows:

  • 1pm-4pm
  • 4pm-7pm
  • 7pm-10pm

These hours are likely to ramp up quickly as we reopen so keep an eye on the ticketing page for more details.

How much does it cost?

Our fee will be based on a 3-hour slot.

  • $100 for a party of 2
  • $150 for a party of 4
  • $200 for a party of 6

Is that price per person?

No, the price on listing is the price for the group of people and is based on the number of people in your party.

Can I just come in or do I have to pre-book my spot?

Yes, walk-ins are a possibility, however, we are expecting these time slots to book up quickly which is why we recommend booking online in advance. Bookings can be done online through

Can I book more than 3 hours?

Each reservation currently has a 3-hour limit. If you would like to book more time, you will need to make another reservation.

Will we have full access to the club?

Yes, we are currently open with full amenities at a 25% capacity limit.

Where do I leave my stuff? Will I get a locker?

Lockers will be available out on the pool deck area for guest use.

Will you still provide towels?

Yes, we will.

Will you still provide condoms and lube?

Yes, we will.

Do we have to wear masks?

Masks are required when indoors and moving throughout the club. Once you are seated, lounging, or using a play space you can remove your mask.

Can single men come?

Wednesdays and Thursdays welcome anyone and Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for women and their partners.

If I’ve booked online and I can’t make it for that day, what do I do?

If you cannot make your reservation and you’ve provided us with proper notice you can either use it another day or request a refund.  Please give us advance warning of at least 24 hours prior to your reservation in order to be refunded.

What if a person is a “no show” without contacting the club?

If a party does not show up for their reservation without proper cancellation a refund will NOT be issued.

What if it starts raining while I’ve booked my slot?

If extreme weather prevents guests from safely using the pool for more than half of a booked session a refund for the full purchase price of the ticket can be requested.

I still have a paid 4-month membership with Oasis. Can I come to the club and use my membership to book a slot?

Memberships do not apply to the pool deck reservations.  Once the club is reopened and full access to the club is allowed your membership can be re-activated.

Can I use my points to book a slot?

No, points are not applicable to this offer.

Can I still be naked on the pool deck and have sex?

Yes, you can be naked and have sex with the members in your party.

Are guests allowed to play/interact outside of their groups?

We ask that guests remain in their groups and respect a safe distance in concordance with Covid regulations.

Can we smoke tobacco /vape/cannabis on the pool deck?

No, you will have to go outside to smoke.  Our smoking patio is not available at the current time.

Can I order food to bring to the club?

Yes, guests can bring food into the club and can order food using delivery apps. Please advise staff if you have ordered food, and do not place any new orders after 8pm.

Can we use the Sybian?

The Sybian is not currently available for use.