After Dark Nuit Blanche Tribute

The Oasis Marketing Team was out in full force this Saturday for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, even though Oasis wasn’t officially on the map we decided to participate anyway by making our own art installation…in the front yard of the club! Marketing Coordinator Holly was the creative mind behind the project with ample help from Oasis marketing gurus Bijioux and Miss F. It was a labour of love, not too mention some sweat and blood (nothing a band-aid couldn’t fix) to get this installation rigged in time for the 7pm (sun down) opening of Nuit Blanche.

The concept was an interactive display, people passing by were encouraged to paint a “sex positive” message on the mural.  Above the mural were large man/woman symbols reflecting that Oasis is a club for both men and women to enjoy. Crowds gathered to watch, paint or gawk at the “art piece” throughout the night.  Many enjoyed participating by painting and we actually ran out of paintbrushes for people at times, but that didn’t stop anyone from making friends and sharing. It was really cool to see the almost blank canvas become completely covered with the sex positive “graffiti” over the course of the night and who enthusiastic the crowds were.

Inside the club the artistic vision continued, this time with human canvasses.  Melissa Moffat returned to Oasis to share her special technique of painting…with her boobs!  After a sexy warm up to strip tease Melissa coaxed Marketing Coordinator Holly onto the dance floor to volunteer. After the paint was applied to both their nipples, both ladies rubbed, pressed, and wiggled their boobs all over the canvas hanging on the wall.  The appreciative crowd watched attentively and soon enough a few more ladies couldn’t resist and next thing you knew the paint was flying everywhere!

Upstairs in the red bar Infinite Body Arts returned, this time with a DIY Body Painting demo for couples. Couples had a blast painting and decorating each other stencils, glitter, etc.  We look forward to their next event at Oasis, the ever-so-popular GLOW 3: The Enchanted Forest, Saturday January 25, 2014.