April Fools

Wednesday April 1, 2015

In celebration of April Fools Day tonight’s Wiggle Wednesday featured an array of comedic burlesque acts by some of Toronto’s leading talent.  The Oasis ballroom was absolutely packed for both the early and late show, many guests from the 8pm showed even stayed at the club to watch the late show.

Special thanks to our performers Dolly Berlin (whose “assels” were a total hit!), Pastel Supernova, Trudy Dare (the cutest good girl “Dunce” turned bad girl), Sweet Rosie Mae (the sexiest janitor we’ve seen) and Pixie Trix who performed her “Inspector” act which had everyone laughing so hard they were in tears. We can’t wait to have you girls back. Also thank you to DJ Ella Vation for keeping everyone on the dance floor all night.

The whole night was just an absolute party, everyone drinking, dancing and screwing until the wee hours…the most perfect hump day!