Oasis is proud to be a distributor for the world famous Real Doll sex dolls designed and manufactured in California. Oasis customers have enjoyed the sybian for the past few years and our first Realdoll arrived at Oasis in 2017 allowing men to get their share of Real-istic fun. Aquabella, is a real doll and has joined the Oasis Aquaflirt team.

Aquabella has quite the personality including being active with her own website www.aquabellaoasis.com and has her own social media including Twitter. We hope you’ll follow her to see all the fun she is up to.  She enjoys lots of company especially on our DTF night, where she makes a regular appearance to play with attendees.

Oasis Aqualounge offers one of the only North American locations where you can try before you buy. If you’d like to book a private session with Aquabella, that is an option as well. Should you decide to purchase a realdoll through Oasis, our sales team can help you configure the doll of your dreams (male, female or trans-gendered). We can even have your new friend shipped to Oasis if you’d like to pick up from us in your vehicle, or we can have your Realdoll delivered safely to your door step.

Email info@oasisaqualounge.com if you have questions about buying a Realdoll. To visit the Real Doll website and imagine the possibilities, visit www.realdoll.com

Aquabella has made lots of friends since joining Oasis Aqualounge. We think you’ll enjoy the following two videos:

Slide 1

Slide 2