Around the World Burlesque

It was a star studded cast from Great Canadian Burlesque and guests this Saturday at the club.  Guests loved the “globetrotting” theme as the first show kicked off “the tour” with an epic performance by El Torro dressed as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.  You have to get around the world somehow, so why not on a pirate ship? The “first stop” was in Egypt, with a provocative belly dance by the jewel of the Nile herself Mizzy Trasher. Next we had another belly dance by Gigi Vanilla to the song “Little Egypt” representing the popularity of belly dance in America in the late 1950’s.  After a brief “layover” we traveled to the red bar upstairs for the second midnight show.  Marilyn St.Evans started the set with a lively traditional Irish dance, this really got the attention of guests playing in the adjacent rooms. More and more people started to filter into the lounge just to see what all the commotion was about!  Next we landed in France where performer Esther De Ville sauntered onto the stage dressed in a beret, smoking a (fake) cigarette, clutching a baguette and a bottle of wine under her arm.  The last stop on the tour was Spain, where Fionna Flauntit dazzled the crowd with a flamenco inspired act complete with a light up head dress! Special thanks to our “jet legged” host Janus for taking us on a burlesque journey around the world in just one night.

Also a huge thank you goes out to all the sponsors, performers and attendees of Ladies Night Out on Sunday September 8. Oasis guests loved the fashion show by Rosie the Rebel/Loveless, illusionist Rob Testa, boylesquers James and the Ginat Pastie, El Torro and Willie Wonder and fire performer Eto.  We can’t wait to have the ladies from Hanky Panky Home Parties & Arbonne Spa Products back as well.  Good friends, fun & food (those chocolate covered strawberries and cookies were devoured), stay tuned for the next Ladies Night Out.