Sex Toy Stories by Alice in Polyland

He’s waiting in a booth at a bar. Dressed as ordered – business suit, no underwear. Alice’s very own Human Sex Toy! Charismatic, charming, creative and kinky alpha man with salt and pepper hair and a sexy Parisian accent… Alice walks in – shoulder length curled hair, red and black lacy short dress showing off her curves, black stockings and high boots hugging her slender legs, eyes and lips sparking…

… He compliments, adores Alice and spoils her with his attention. And for the past 4 days, he eagerly follows all of her orders – right to the T…

She is thoroughly enjoying this game… Ordering him to excuse himself from an important business meeting only to masturbate in a bathroom and NOT cum and return aroused… Wear no underwear during a corporate work presentation, feeling the sensation of the pants brushing against his cock. Slowly touch himself looking at her erotic photos, then intensify and stop seconds before orgasming, only to start again in a few hours. Keeping himself excited, horny, longing for a release all day long. Four days in a row…

Do you know why the Frenchman does all of these wonderful things? Plain and Simple. For the last 96 full hours… Alice is in complete control of his orgasms…

His cock almost painful, asking, craving for a release… He’s unable to sleep or think about anything else. Except for being fixated on a fantasy of Alice’s lips, tongue, mouth releasing him of this burden of hot cum accumulating inside of him. Alice feels on top of the world. She’s virtually controlling his cock, his desire, his life force. Alice the Sexual Goddess… Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? It even rhymes…

“When was the last time you touched yourself?” she asks slightly lifting her dress so he can see the white strip of her flesh just underneath the dress. “A few hours ago…” says the Frenchman with anticipation. “We need to fix that, laughs Alice. “Please go to the washroom, play with yourself and send me the photo.”

Coming back, Alice can see a bulge in his pants. She starts feeling wetness accumulating inside her pussy. Good occasion for a sex toy, isn’t it… “I need you to make me cum right here” says Alice looking around the busy bar with excitement and a smile on her face. She places his hand between her legs, he looks at her with amusement, but follows through and is great with his touch. She comes in no time at all, squirting all over the seat… “Great job – now, please be a good sex toy and clean up this mess.”

He quickly asks for the bill, they take an elevator up. Somewhere between floors 1 and 3 she has her second orgasm… The trail of wetness is leading to their room. His hands are now tied as she’s teasing him. The Frenchman is squirming in the chair, unable to sit still watching her play with herself and cum for the third time on the floor… But who’s counting. He looks thirsty to Alice, so being a great and considerate Goddess she offers him some of her own elixir… He greedily licks her pussy and all of her juices till the last drop. Perhaps, it is time for his release. He has been a great and obedient sex toy after all.

Her tongue is on his cock. For the very first time. He has been waiting for it for what seems like an eternity. She’s barely touching his flesh. Lightly licking the head, frenulum, sides. Taking him in. Slowly, then faster, deeper. Stopping. He’s so tense. And on the edge, SO eager to cum. It is way too early… Alice is greatly enjoying her human sex toy. Starting again – licking, playing, taking him in deeply. And stopping. She’s so turned on by him wanting her so intensely. He says “I love being your sex toy Alice, use me, abuse me as you please.”

And suddenly something clicks. She cums strongly, with his cock in her hand, squirting all over the floor. She’s intensely aroused by the idea of this strong man’s total submission. To the point where she cannot play this game anymore. She unties his hands. She gives in. And he eagerly takes over. Long awaited release is strong and sweet…

Evidently, Frenchmen make mind blowing sex toys! And trust me – every woman needs one…

Evguenia (aka Alice) is an accredited Professional Energy Healer and a Passionate Sex Educator.
Having gone through a deep personal transformation herself – Evguenia’s biggest heart’s desire is to help you embrace your authenticity and guide you towards Breathtaking Sex,  Playful Spirituality & Life full of Creativity and Passion




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