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Sexual Self-Care Series: Spotlight On Mocha Love

By: Fatima Mechtab The global Coronavirus Pandemic has forever altered the course of humanity. How we have learned to cope with isolation, how we socialize, and our health and safety approaches have changed us on a personal, professional, and economic level. But how does this relate to sexuality? What will our new sexual normal look […]

Feminist porn alive and well in Toronto: Toronto Sun

Oasis Aqualounge and Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab was mentioned in the Toronto Sun last month regarding feminist porn and porn production inside the club. Feminist sex toy store Good For Her and it’s founder Carlyle Jansen were also cited in the article, noting Carlyle’s creation of the Toronto International Porn Festival (formally known as the […]

Is Your Libido Wild & Free or Lost In Captivity?

There is no doubt that isolating as a result of COVID-19 is impacting your sex life. Whether you are quarantining with a live-in partner/spouse or secluding yourself as a solo person, the stress, anxiety and/or claustrophobia we are currently facing is effecting our libidos. Check out this great article on how coronavirus is changing your […]