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Strangers In High Heels

By: Miss F Strangers in High Heels I got her text and I thought she would be here tonight. It reads and I quote, “Meet me at Oasis Tuesday night at midnight. I’ll be waiting for you.” It’s now 1:30am and I am alone and horny and a little tipsy; it’s a danger combination, especially […]

Sapphic Sluts and Cream-Filled Tarts: Part 2

by Miss F She opened her eyes and wiped the sweat from her forehead, which had started to trickle down her neck. After reaching a third, spasmodic orgasm, she needed to catch her breath. She looked down at the woman kneeling between her legs and gently pulled on the short, spiky hair. “Fucking amazing-I love […]

Sapphic Sluts and Cream-Filled Tarts: Part 1

By Miss F           She arrived at Oasis for midnight and already, the room was buzzing with sexual energy. Smooth, naked bodies were weaving to the music as the DJ pounded hard, fast beats inside the club. A bevy of bathing beauties lounged in the hot tub and outside; she could hear playful laughter and splashing […]