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Fallon’s Erotic Adventure

Author: Fallon It’s the second day of our weekend trip, and after last night, we know we want to spend all day at Oasis Aqualounge. It’s already mid afternoon and since the club opens at 11, we decide to leave right away. We arrive at the club and it seems quiet. We head straight to […]

Masquarade Games

By: Miss F Masquerade Gems She met all three men at once at the front entrance of Oasis Aqualounge. It was a lazy and sticky Wednesday afternoon. They were waiting for her, these men, with their white towels wrapped tightly around toned torsos. As requested, each suitor brought along an item that had previously negotiated […]

Strangers In High Heels

By: Miss F Strangers in High Heels I got her text and I thought she would be here tonight. It reads and I quote, “Meet me at Oasis Tuesday night at midnight. I’ll be waiting for you.” It’s now 1:30am and I am alone and horny and a little tipsy; it’s a danger combination, especially […]