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Sapphic Sluts and Cream-Filled Tarts: Part 1

By Miss F           She arrived at Oasis for midnight and already, the room was buzzing with sexual energy. Smooth, naked bodies were weaving to the music as the DJ pounded hard, fast beats inside the club. A bevy of bathing beauties lounged in the hot tub and outside; she could hear playful laughter and splashing […]

The Dame and The Dungeon

By: Miss F A hand grasped a fistful of hair from the back of her head. She closed her eyes and felt the sharp tug sear through her body. A heavy boot kicked apart her small, bare feet until her stance was wide and vulnerable. She shivered with excitement and a touch of fear. The […]

Steamy Sapphic Dreams

Steamy Sapphic Dreams by Miss F As soon as she entered into the hot tub, she felt the eyes upon her. Strange eyelashes flickered and caressed her naked body, examining her from head to ruby-painted toe. She slowly lowered herself into the warm bubbles and let the heat wash over her. She was fresh meat […]