Bar Wars Finals

Bar Wars Finals-Wednesday October 28, 2015

Tonight the Bar Wars participants competed for the official titles of “Bar Wars Champion” and “Oasis Signature Drink Champion”at Oasis Aqualounge. The main floor of the club was buzzing with excitement as guest watched the contestants stock their “stations” in preparation for the event. Judges for the evening included Sexy Darth Vader and Handsome Han Solo accompanied by the “Star Wars sound effect”DJ, who added the perfect touch. The contestants were asked to make their signature cocktails for the judges, this time without any secret ingredients thrown in or changes to their recipes (which happened at both previous Bar Wars events).  After some playful competition between the contestants, this involved a cocktail shaker of ice being dumped on one of the girls, the drinks were ready for judging.  Congratulations to bartender Miss K -The “Bar Wars Champion” and to Bri whose bragging rights will forever be “Oasis Signature Drink Champion.” Special thanks to our judges, staff & guests for an incredible night.