Beatnik Burlesque & Corsets & Cufflinks

Beatnik Burly~Saturday January 23, 2016

Whoa daddy-o Saturday’s beatnik inspired burlesque show was far out. Hostess with the mostess Fionna Flauntit prepared a themed playlist to get the crowd in the mood while they waited for the show to start. Show host Kingpin, disguised as a Groucho Marx inspired beatnik had the crowd in stitches with his over the top character. Fionna kicked off the show with a cool off beat track followed by shimmy shake down that really amped up the crowd’s excitement. Oasis also welcomed two new dancers, the dazzling Dainty Box & International show girl supreme Coco Framboise whose performances had everyone hot and bothered…especially the crowd in perverts row! Perverts row has become the crowd’s  new favourite place to sit for the burlesque shows, it’s the long window ledge on the stage in the ballroom. Fionna has been calling out to the late comers in the hallway to come up on stage and take a seat and man, do the guests ever rush to take it!


Corsets & Cufflnks ~Friday January 22, 2016

The guests loved the theme this Friday, as many couples dressed up for the occasion. Fionna Flauntit graciously gave out a number of 50% off Oasis coupons to those who dressed in theme.  An intimate and eager crowd gathered in the ballroom for Esther De Ville’s burlesque lap dance workshop, which was fun for everyone, especially the men getting the lap dances! Special thank you to Esther, her assistant & to those who participated.

Esther De Ville