Oasis Porn Star Hall Of Fame

Oasis Aqualounge has been creating it’s own in-house porn; both for the monitors inside the club and also as content for our Porn Hub channel. Our mission is to create hot, realistic scenes that speak to the fantasies and desires of our sex-positive community.

We have gathered talent from various sources; club members  looking to explore porn options , amateur enthusiasts and those who have careers in the adult industry.

Our Porn Star Hall Of Fame is expanding and looking to grow. If you are interested in shooting porn at the club, we want to hear from you.  Please contact Oasis Porn Coordinator Fatima Mechtab regarding options on how you can express your sexual self on camera.  Become a part of our adult film family!



Oasis AquaFlirts visit Kensington Market for Pedestrian Sunday

On Sunday May 27th, Kensington Market celebrated it’s first Pedestrian Sunday event of 2018.  Armed with charm, sass and marketing material, the Oasis AquaFlirts took to the streets- which were closed off to vehicles- to spread the word about the club.

Our friendly, promotional team spoke to curious individuals about the facilities and upcoming summer events. They also helped to demystify common misconceptions and answered questions about our sexually-liberated, clothing-optional environment.

If you missed the team this weekend, you can catch them again on Saturday June 9th for World Naked Bike RideWednesday June 13 for our Oasis AquaFlirt Car Wash and also during Pride 2018 from June 20-June 24th.

If you would like to be become an Oasis AquaFlirt, please email, attention: Miss F.


Oasis Featured Guest

Oasis Aqualounge is more than just a venue; we are a community hub for sex-positive businesses, educators and performers.   Our club is made up of wonderful members who embrace our sexually-liberated, clothing-optional and body positive values.

This week, we are excited to showcase our Oasis Featured Guest Ginger Snapp; a cam model, porn star and casual AquaFlirt.

If you love visiting Oasis Aqualounge and would like to be included, please email, attention Miss F.

Q: What is your favorite part about Oasis?

A: I love the community of oasis. The regular patrons and staff ensure that the environment is comfortable and fun for everyone. I also love that I always learn something new whenever I go, from how to tie someone in ropes to how to properly fist someone.

Q: What was your first time at Oasis like?

A: My very first time at oasis was really laid back; a friend and I arrived sometime during the day and just took a tour around the place. The next time we paid a visit, it was a Naked Rock Band night and we had a blast! Who knew that playing a musical video game naked could be so much fun?!

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A: In my free time I love to dance! I’ve been dancing since I was a kid and now I am an up and coming drag and burlesque performer!

Q: What is your favorite time to visit and why?

A: My favorite event to come to oasis is the Daddy/Daughter nights since it creates a tight nit group of people who are all there for the same reason and we all understand each other’s life style without judgement. They also set up really fun activities like braiding hair and drawing for the littles.

Q: What is your favorite play room at the club?

A: My favorite play room is the red room at the top of the stairs on the third floor. I’ve had many orgies in that room!