Oasis Aqualounge Represents at Toronto International Porn Festival 04/23/2018

The second annual Toronto International Porn Festival was held at The Super Wonder Gallery from April 19-April 22.  Oasis Aqualounge was proud to support the festival as both a sponsor and also as nominees.  Two films were nominated for awards; Money Shot Menage and Glory Hole Goddess.

Oasis Porn Producer and Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab was also featured on a panel, discussing Ethical Porn. The panel was hosted by festival producer Carlyle Jansen and featured porn talent and producers Icy Winters and Rooster XRay.

Attendees included many folks from Toronto’s sex-positive community, including Oasis porn talent Sporty N’Charge, Dahlia Dee, Ginger Liqueur and Wyld Wych.  All Oasis porn was directed by Jason Jones.

Special thank you to Carlyle Jansen and Good For Her for organizing this year’s festival and for their continued support of independent, queer and ethical porn.

If you would like to participate in our porn projects, please email, attention Miss F.



How to Make The Right Approach: Do’s and Don’ts at Oasis Aqualounge

Whether it’s your very first time, or whether you’re a veteran, approaching new people at a sex club can be intimidating. We spoke to some of our Oasis Aqualounge hosts, to discuss tips on approaching people


  • Choose a public place to approach someone like the bar, pool, or dance floor
  • Approach someone if they are making eye contact with you, they are smiling, they gesture you to approach them
  • Start with an introduction
  • Try to make engaging conversation by asking them questions about their life
  • Be confident, but not cocky
  • If the conversation is going well, ask if they would like a drink at the bar
  • Try thinking of a coy way to ask if they are interested in going farther instead of straight up asking them to have sex, eg. Are you feeling adventurous tonight?
  • Remember to be yourself


  • Choose private areas to approach someone such the doorway of the locker room, sauna, or shower: people may feel cornered and uncomfortable
  • Ask to “talk” somewhere more private right off the bat
  • Touch anyone without their consent first
  • If you make a connection, don’t follow that person around all night: they will notice.

Want to learn more? Be sure to visit us on Wednesday April 25th for The Right Approach, a workshop where you can learn even more about making the right impression; and immediately afterward, you can try out what you’ve learned at Speed Dating. Both Events are covered by the cost of admission.

Have any tips, thoughts, or Do’s and Don’ts of your own? Let us know at


Erotica excerpt from ‘The Stopover;’ a novel by Emanuela Fernandes

We are excited to share a highly erotic excerpt from the novel ‘The Stopover,’ written by Toronto-based writer Emanuela Fernandes. These passionate paragraphs will capture your imagination, enticing you into a world of fantasy, foreplay and desire!

‘Sandrine sat on the edge of her bed and Juan kissed her. Somehow, all her fears and doubts had disappeared. She only desired to give herself to Juan and be his woman, just for that night or for a lifetime. It didn’t matter. She wanted to be his woman, his fantasy, his seductress, his weakness, and his Femme Fatale. She was no longer the dutiful wife or the mother she was at home; she was simply Juan’s mistress and all she wanted at that moment was to drive him to insanity. Sandrine quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down. She touched Juan’s hard penis through his boxers. She looked up at him and smiled when he let out a deep sigh. Sandrine was in control. She was wild and passionate. She pulled out his penis and admired it for a while.

“Your penis is perfect,” she whispered and put it all in her mouth. She licked it, she sucked it, she played with his full, round testicles with her hands, and then moved on to giving them some well-deserved oral pleasure. Juan begged her to stop but she loved having his penis in her mouth. Juan was pulsating with bliss and she knew he was going to come at any moment.

“Stop, please,” pleaded Juan and gently pulled her head away. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. “You are wild, aren’t you?” he whispered in her ear.

“You have no idea.” She smiled.

Juan kissed every inch of her body. He licked her, tickled her, caressed her with his hands and his lips. Sandrine shivered from the overwhelming desire to have him inside her. She felt empty down there and lifted up her pelvis just to have contact with Juan’s hard penis, dripping with sweet pre-ejaculatory fluid. Finally, Juan entered Sandrine, who was already warm and moist. He could come right at that moment. He was so turned on by Sandrine’s ability to enjoy sex. She moaned and breathed deeply. She appeared to experience sex with every one of her senses and to feel pleasure with every bit of her body. Juan loved her body. She was slim and yet she had curves, and her skin was perfectly soft and supple. Sandrine’s breasts were perfect handfuls and her butt was round and firm. Her long hair was sensually disheveled and voluminous. Sandrine pushed him away with her palms and got on top of him. He watched her moving back and forth and begged her to slow down. Sandrine moved more slowly and watched him. Juan was at her mercy. She was in control and he would come any time she wanted him to.

“Sandrine, please,” he begged, but she didn’t obey. Sandrine laid down next to him, placed his hand on her clitoris, and stimulated his penis at the same time with her hand while passionately kissing him. Juan couldn’t wait any longer. He had to come and knew she was ready to climax too. He laid on top of her, held her wrists above her head, kissed her, and whispered urgently, “I want to come inside you right now.”

“I want you to come inside me. Hard,” she said and wrapped her legs around his hips. Moments later Sandrine and Juan experienced the most explosive orgasms they had ever felt. As Sandrine laid panting, Juan reclined next to her, pulled her close, and they laid in silence for several minutes, just recovering from the mind blowing bodily experience.

When Sandrine finally roused from her satisfied bliss, she looked at Juan. He gazed at her, smiled, and kissed her.

“Do you want me to go now so you can get some rest?” he asked tenderly.

“No, I want you to stay,” she answered and turned her body to him. She could see that Juan was relieved to be spending the night with Sandrine and not alone in his room. Sandrine got up, switched off all the lights, and came back to bed. The room was still bright from the snow piling up on the street and they could clearly see each other’s faces in the dark. For a while they didn’t speak but the silence was comfortable, as if they had known each other long enough not to be bothered by it. Juan touched Sandrine’s face with his fingers. He touched her eyebrows, her cheekbones, her lips; he touched her hair, her neck, her breasts, examining every inch of her body. His touch was sensual but not sexual. He touched her as if desiring to know and remember every part of her skin.’

About Emanuela Fernandes:

Emanuela Fernandes is a Toronto-based writer, culinary journalist, founder and CEO of Daily Sensuality© brand, who has spent most of her career writing about aphrodisiac foods and sensuality. She has done many television appearances on national and local television channels. Her work has been published in several publications, including Her debut novel “THE STOPOVER” is now available on Amazon and select book stores in Canada and USA.