Oasis Aqualounge Featured Staff: Reia & Cece

Oasis Aqualounge is more than just a venue; we are a community hub for sex-positive businesses, educators and performers.  Our club is made up of wonderful employees who embrace our sexually-liberated, clothing-optional and body positive values.

Photo credit: Joe’s Garage Photos.

This week, we are excited to showcase our Oasis AquaFlirts: Reia & Cece

If you love visiting Oasis Aqualounge and would like to be included, please email info@oasisaqualounge.comattention Miss F.

What is your favorite part of Oasis Aqualounge?

Reia: The phenomenal atmosphere for sure! Our staff and patrons are lovely, curious, and opened minded people. We are in a lot of ways a community based establishment, and this allows us to hold a variety of themed nights to cater to those different communities. Each of our event nights have a different vibe, but each welcomes both new and established guests.

Cece: I love the community atmosphere, I love the kind and courteous environment. I love being able to walk around nude and that not change a thing. Throughout my time at Oasis I have met so many people who shared the most intimate yet informative information with me. Information that helped me find myself within the lifestyle.

What was your first visit like?

Reia:The artist in me keeps me on the curious side, so I only knew two things; that it existed, and that I needed to see what it was all about. After some discussion with my then, very hesitant partner, we agreed to take the plunge together. We had no idea what to expect, but it was a great first experience. It was a quick turnaround for even my partner to become comfortable and I find that really speaks to the welcoming and inclusive attitude of Oasis Aqualounge. The rest is history!

Cece: This is my favourite story! I tell it all the time. I showed up to Oasis the second I was able to. 19th birthday, exploring kink & polyamory in such a luxurious environment surrounded by such emotionally mature & liberated company. This place has always maintained the dreaminess I felt my first time here. I just feel a little more at home every day

When is your favorite time to visit the club and why?

Reia: Honestly, it always depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like having a little downtime and other times I really want to live it up. That’s why I love that we cater to both relaxed, tranquil spa-like environment early in the day and then, as we creep into the later hours, the Djs turn up the music and it’s easy to dance the night away. Of course, if you want to slip up to our third or fourth floor there are different kinds of entertainment!

Cece: I personally really enjoy the club on a Wednesday evening. With event features like #DDLG presentations, Naked Yoga, Burlesque, etc. I seriously recommend it to EVERYONE.

However I also really enjoy Tuesday’s for Games Night, DTF, Bukkake & One of my All Time Favorite nights to be apart of is Money Shot. There’s a real diversity when it comes to everything you could ever possibly experience at Oasis on these two days and I really love that.

What drew you to the Oasis AquaFlirt position?

Reia: I blame that all on Ace! She originally suggested that I’d be a good fit for the team, and when I sat down with Fatima I knew immediately that I wanted the position. This job really allows me to extend and explore the passion and creativity that I already put into my performances in the burlesque industry. There are so many interesting characters being introduced into my life with this position and there is always something new to learn .

Cece: Once I started frequenting Oasis more as a guest I really started to mesh in with the community. It was someone I had become friends with who made me aware there was an AQF position at the club. I went home that night & immediately applied. I was still learning about Oasis and the lifestyle and what it all meant & what it entailed but I was 100% positive I wanted to be apart of it. I still am.

What was your most memorable AquaFlirt gig to date?

Reia: Our sixth year Sapphic Aquatica Party and Swordplay. I love that we can make this a healthy and comfortable space for our guests of all orientations, identities and genders! We are, at our core, an inclusive space no matter who or what you identify as. It’s a point of pride that we hold hold our selves up to a standard that makes a safe sexy environment for all.

Cece: Pride Week was one of my favourite AQF adventures. It was my first time attending pride. Where I was from before toronto Pride Parades were sooo not a thing. So to experience something so liberating and wonderful for the first time with some of the most awesome people (my fellow AQF squad), It certainly goes down in history as one of the best. We also got to educate so many other people about Oasis who all came back to the club with us in the evenings of Pride Week. It was the best form of community connecting.

What advice would you give someone who is considering visiting the club?

Reia: Whatever preconceived idea you have in your head, trash it. I’d love to set the scene for anyone interested in coming to Oasis. This is not like any place you’ve been before. Think of a modernized Roman bathhouse. Imagine yourself stepping outside and into a heated pool or hot tub. Afterwards you can relax luxuriously in a sauna or simply dry yourself off. You’re free to wear as much or as little as you please. There is no judgment or expectation of anything. You can sit down at the bar sip your favorite drink and maybe find yourself falling in a few interesting conversations. Maybe it’s one individual, maybe it’s with a group. Maybe someone you talk to piques your interest. The more you get talking the more you realize you have a lot in common, or perhaps you find yourself drawn to one another. Either way you decide to explore the rest of the house. The dungeon? Possibly. Maybe you stop to watch a burlesque show, or a demonstration, or scene in our ballroom. The two of decide to explore the third floor where you both notice other partners rolling around and kissing, caressing, fucking. It  could be you, if you choose. But, of course, if just the first part of this scene tickles your fancy Oasis Aqualounge has got you covered! Relax, unwind and play if you chose.

Cece: Just show up with no expectations. Please do not show up assuming you’re going to immediately get laid or you’re going to miss out on every other awesome aspect of the community around you! Make your goals: Learning about yourself, New Wants/Desires, Asking questions, Meeting people who also know about/are interested in those lifestyle aspects, Go for a swim, Watch Burlesque, Do naked yoga, etc. Do not set the bar of your experience so low as to believe you are ONLY going to get laid. First take time to really experience what’s around you because it could change your life!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Reia: If I’m not at Oasis I’m most likely designing and creating a variety of things. I adore working with my hands and learning new skills. I have so many ideas for costumes, art work, photoshoots, burlesque dances and more. It’s had to keep track of them all, so I usually have a notepad or sketch book handy to jot down ideas any time inspiration hits!

Cece: In my spare time I really find myself continuing to work. Whether it be at home or on the go. I model professionally part-time. Deal with Social Media Marketing. Create Adult Content as well as Cam Regularly.

However on the rare occasion I get a moment to truly unwind I love reading; mostly historical fiction or biographies.

Drawing Lesson From Kahbbie

Our resident artist Khabbie has provided an original drawing, along with lessons for aspiring illustrators. Kahbbie is also the host of our monthly Figures and Fantasies event, held on the first Monday, during Sass After Class

Hello everyone! I’m Tina, my art alias is Kahbbie and today I’m gonna briefly go over how to use references in a piece plus some tips and tricks that I use to make art and have fun while doing it.

Before I start with the how-tos of using references I’m going to say that doing so is great when you’re starting out or when you want to up your game a bit. Take a photo of your hand when you can’t figure out hands and so on.

For this piece I took a couple pictures of the packaging of Tom of Finland toys as they all have individual art pieces of gay men specifically for the poses because I love the way the characters interact.

Firstly lay out your basic shapes based on the reference. If you’re working with paper don’t be afraid to sit down with a printed copy of your reference photo and trace over the shapes and details to get a feel for where everything is before you draw it out.

Secondly, adjust things that aren’t working for you. I was having real trouble tilting back the head until I decided to just draw it neutrally, plus I adjusted the legs so that the strap on would shine through. If you’re drawing from reference to improve stuff that’s challenging simply give it your best shot, but if you’re just drawing from a photo you liked adjust whatever you want. It’s your art.

Thirdly make it your own! While it’s good to study by replicating the way other artists do things developing the skill to change things while having the piece still work is also an important skill! As you can see I changed the gender, skin tones, clothing, the general positions of arms and legs, the time of day, how zoomed in out view was, how much of the motorcycle can be seen and how much detail we can see and added a background while still maintaining my goal of keeping the general pose and the feeling of warm cuddly sex in an unconventional spot that the original photo has.

Lastly don’t be afraid to scrap an idea and try again! As you can see from the process video for this piece I had a different reference and pose in mind but found it was interesting enough to me so I erased everything and started again. A great art teacher once told me that sometimes you need to destroy your art to make it better and I find that advice works whenever I get stuck.

Go forth and enjoy your art!

Oasis AquaFlirts & Erotic Art: Super Naughty Show

The Oasis AquaFlirts hit the town last weekend in support of erotic art during at the Super Naughty Show; an annual exhibition of local talent held at the Super Wonder Gallery Our promotional team attended both nights and engaged with gallery attendees, many of whom were familiar with Oasis Aqualounge and shared our values of sex, body and kink positivity.

Special thank you to the Super Wonder Gallery for welcoming the AquaFlirts and for letting us share the space in order to extend the message of sexual liberation.

Oasis Aqualounge also supports local artists who wish to display their original, erotic art on our walls for sale.

If you are an artist looking for additional exposure, please email us at: info@oasisaqualounge.com to be connected to our our in-house art curator.

However you choose to express your desires, our sex-positive venue and community will embrace your endeavors!