Why I Dreamed Of Working At A Sex Club

What is the first thing you think about when you think about turning the ‘legal drinking age’?

As a teenager, you spend so much time anticipating the day that you can get into the clubs. Dance, meet people; go out with your girlfriends or your “bros”. For me, I knew exactly where I wanted to be on my 19th birthday (the legal drinking age in Canada): Oasis Aqualounge. To make my 19th birthday a night to remember I was 100% going to be at Toronto’s upscale adult playground. 

In short, it was the best night of my life, and now? I get to live my best life, every day. I knew that I wanted this place to be a part of my life and it only took me three weeks to land my dream job. Nearly two years later, it’s still my dream job.

My name is Cecilia Morrell, otherwise known as ‘Cece’ and I’m an event hostess, Oasis AquaFlirt, Brand Ambassador & Sybian operator at Oasis Aqualounge.

My job is to ensure that every visit you make to Oasis is a good one; whether it is your first visit, or your twelfth visit. Unlike many clubs in North America, Oasis is open seven days a week from 11am to 3am, so I am one of about 40 staff. As an event hostess, I am here to make sure the night’s festivities are running smooth & that you are enjoying your experience.

One of my favorite parts of hosting events are the conversations I get to have with new or familiar faces. I love providing people with the tools they need to enjoy the environment. Whether is making introductions, providing tours, sharing information on certain lifestyle tips or providing a run-down on what the evening holds in store.

As an Oasis AquaFlirt, I transitioned into a brand ambassador. The AquaFlirt team are a group of sex and body-positive employees who travel around to different events, within the city limits, to share information on Oasis Aqualounge as well as hand out coupons for the venue.

Some of my favorite experiences include the times where we were able to share our values with people who were not aware that Oasis existed but who instantly fell in love with our mission statement.  

As AquaFlirts we have a positive effect on the community around us. We participate in events such as World Naked Bike Ride and we have participated in the annual Intersectional Go Topless March to support the idea nudity in and of itself should not be sexualized without consent and protest sexual harassment.

I think it’s important to bring visibility to these issues and to bring attention to the fact that sexuality is healthy and beautiful; there should not be so much shame and negative stigma attached. Bringing sex-positivity out of the shadows and encouraging a healthy view on sex, kink and relationships is so important.

Lastly as Sybian operator, I have the joy of helping to facilitate new, orgasmic experiences for people looking to explore with a new toy. Speaking from personal experience, I know how fun it can be to explore new limits, learn new ways to enjoy a better sex life & experiment with masturbation in a public setting.

I like to educate people on the Sybian and walk them through their first time, as a rider. I would say I ‘hold their hand’ through the process but in reality, I mostly hold the buttons.  It’s important to me that, although I may be in charge of the controls, that I make people aware that I am not in control of their experience. I encourage communication; what can I do to make this the best experience for you? I find so much happiness in ensuring that I am providing them the best possible Sybian experience.

Over the last two years, I’ve had the honor of being a part of people’s first orgasms, first anal experiences, first time in exploring their sexuality in a public setting and many more beautiful stories of self-discovery.

In reality I could say that when it comes to all aspects of my career at Oasis, I have had the honor of being a small piece of so many beautiful journeys of sexual and self-discovery. That is why- from day one- this was my dream job. That is why nearly two years late, it is still my dream job.

Meet The Artist: Meredith Lyman. Exhibit from May -August 2019

We are excited to feature new artwork on our walls by Ottawa artist Meredith Lyman. This exclusive collection of sensuous prints will be available for purchase from May 24 until August, 2019.

These original creations implement bright colors and erotic themes, with the intent to command the attention of the room and to evoke passion in the viewer. 

Meredith has been painting for 25 years as a professional artist as well as painting faces as a make-up artist for television and film. 

You can meet Meredith in person on Friday May 24 for Erotic Art Night, as she will also be our featured body painter. From 10pm-1am, guests are welcome to take to the stage for complimentary body painting. Allow your body to be her canvas as she applies water-resistant paints to your bare skin.

If you would like to inquire about purchasing prints or if you are an artist who would like your art shown on our walls, please email info@oasisaqualounge.com directly.

The Oasis AquaFlirts Celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

On Saturday May 4th, the Oasis AquaFlirts celebrated World Naked Gardening Day; an annual, worldwide observance held on the first Saturday in May

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Both AquaFlirts and customers gathered at the club to plant potted  flowers from 2pm-5pm,  decorating our front patio with fresh,  floral arrangements.  Customers were permitted to take home a small, potted flower as a thank you for their contribution to the event.

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Everyone enjoyed a fun afternoon in the sunshine.  We made new friends while embracing the message of body acceptance and the beauty of spring.

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With the warm weather finally upon us, the Oasis AquaFlirts will be making more public appearances, spreading the word and values of Oasis Aqualounge. 

Catch the Oasis AquaFlirt team on Sunday May 26 at the first Pedestrian Sunday, in Kensington Market. Follow their adventures on Twitter and Instagram.