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Oasis Aqualounge Represents at Toronto International Porn Festival 04/23/2018

The second annual Toronto International Porn Festival was held at The Super Wonder Gallery from April 19-April 22.  Oasis Aqualounge was proud to support the festival as both a sponsor and also as nominees.  Two films were nominated for awards; Money Shot Menage and Glory Hole Goddess.

Oasis Porn Producer and Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab was also featured on a panel, discussing Ethical Porn. The panel was hosted by festival producer Carlyle Jansen and featured porn talent and producers Icy Winters and Rooster XRay.

Attendees included many folks from Toronto’s sex-positive community, including Oasis porn talent Sporty N’Charge, Dahlia Dee, Ginger Liqueur and Wyld Wych.  All Oasis porn was directed by Jason Jones.

Special thank you to Carlyle Jansen and Good For Her for organizing this year’s festival and for their continued support of independent, queer and ethical porn.

If you would like to participate in our porn projects, please email, attention Miss F.



How to Make The Right Approach: Do’s and Don’ts at Oasis Aqualounge

Whether it’s your very first time, or whether you’re a veteran, approaching new people at a sex club can be intimidating. We spoke to some of our Oasis Aqualounge hosts, to discuss tips on approaching people


  • Choose a public place to approach someone like the bar, pool, or dance floor
  • Approach someone if they are making eye contact with you, they are smiling, they gesture you to approach them
  • Start with an introduction
  • Try to make engaging conversation by asking them questions about their life
  • Be confident, but not cocky
  • If the conversation is going well, ask if they would like a drink at the bar
  • Try thinking of a coy way to ask if they are interested in going farther instead of straight up asking them to have sex, eg. Are you feeling adventurous tonight?
  • Remember to be yourself


  • Choose private areas to approach someone such the doorway of the locker room, sauna, or shower: people may feel cornered and uncomfortable
  • Ask to “talk” somewhere more private right off the bat
  • Touch anyone without their consent first
  • If you make a connection, don’t follow that person around all night: they will notice.

Want to learn more? Be sure to visit us on Wednesday April 25th for The Right Approach, a workshop where you can learn even more about making the right impression; and immediately afterward, you can try out what you’ve learned at Speed Dating. Both Events are covered by the cost of admission.

Have any tips, thoughts, or Do’s and Don’ts of your own? Let us know at


Oasis Aqualounge at the Nightclub & Bar Show; Las Vegas

Last week, partners and senior management of Oasis Aqualounge attended the annual Nightclub & Bar Show, which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. This conference was held from March 26-March 28 and featured workshops,  panel discussions and keynote speakers from top pros in the bar, restaurant and nightclub industry.

In addition to scheduled sessions, the conference also featured an expansive trade expo, showcasing products, decor, alcohol, DJ equipment and more.  Anything and everything you could possibly imagine for your business was displayed on the trade show floor.

The team stayed at The Wynn Las Vegas, which is a luxurious casino and resort and perfect walking distance from the Convention Centre.

Some of the team members paid a visit to ‘Ana’s Wet Lace;’ an independent bikini and dance wear shop where our Oasis AquaShop bikinis are produced.  Creative Director for Oasis AquashopFatima Mechtab-produced a short video inside the store, offering exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of where the magic is created.

The week away offered a chance for the team to bond, learn, explore and become inspired so that we can continue to offer fantastic event programming and unique features for our valued members. They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas but we never have anything to hide!