Coitus & Coronavirus; Is Intimacy Still Possible?

For the most part and to varying degrees, we are sexual beings who crave touch and intimacy. If you have ever been to Oasis Aqualounge, you know that we strive to provide our members with an upscale, water-themed, liberated venue in which to explore and express their sexual fantasies and desires.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the temporary closure of Oasis Aqualounge, it leaves our sex-positive community wondering if physical intimacy is even possible. In a search for information, we wanted to share this great article ‘Can I Have Sex? A Guide To Intimacy During The Coronavirus Outbreak.’

This article features the opinions of three experts; Dr. Jessica Justman, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez and Dr. Julia Marcus. Check out advice on possibilities, alternatives and risks of sexual intimacy during COVID-19.

Public Safety, Sanitizer & Sexuality; How Coronavirus Will (and Won’t) Change Our Sex Lives

During the Coronavirus pandemic, sexy times are only….six feet away! As we mask up during this challenging outbreak, it is obvious that our approach to sexuality will need to change; both in the short term and long term.

But as we keep our hands to ourselves (and maybe ON and/or inside ourselves), check out this interesting article on Love And Sex In The Time Of Coronavirus, featuring excerpts from Anna Muldoon, a former science policy adviser at the US Department of Health and Human Services and current PhD candidate researching infectious disease and social crises at Arizona State University.

Washing your hands, sanitizing, disinfecting and committing to social distancing are all key efforts in helping to flatten the curve. In the meantime, show yourself some sexual self care, Skype with your lover(s) and/or travel back to a time of phone sex. Keep calm and keep on cumming!

Artsy Aquaflirts At The Annual Super Naughty Show

The Oasis AquaFlirts were seen promoting for Oasis Aqualounge at the annual Super Naughty Show, held at the Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto.

On Saturday February 29, the Oasis AquaFlirts attended the annual Super Naughty Show, which was held at the Super Wonder Gallery, from February 28-March 1. The Super Naughty show is a curation of erotic, visual arts by created by various local talent and the themes of sex and body-positivity align perfectly with the values of Oasis Aqualounge.

The AquaFlirts had the opportunity to mingle with gallery guests and to spread the word about Oasis Aqualounge to those who were curious and/or unfamiliar. Our team loves to chat with others about the various offerings and events held at the club. For those who were interested in visiting Oasis Aqualounge for the first time, the ‘Flirts handed out 50% coupons, towards reduced entry.

Oasis Aqualounge also supports local artists who wish to display their original, erotic art on our walls for sale. If you are an artist looking for additional exposure, please email us at: to be connected to our our in-house art curator. However you choose to express your desires, our sex-positive venue and community will embrace your endeavors!

Catch the Oasis AquaFlirts promoting around the city this coming spring and summer. Say hi to our team and learn more about our water-themed, clothing-optional, sexually-charged environment for women and their partners. For more information about the Oasis AquaFlirt position, you can email, attention Cece.