Everything to do with Sex Show Afterglow


Friday November 2-Sunday November 4

The Oasis booth was rocking all weekend at the Everything to Do with Sex Show Toronto, no doubt the sassy outfits of Oasis tank tops, booty shorts and black fishnets the staff was wearing helped draw some of the attention.  (Soon Oasis will have these same tanks and booty shorts available for sale at the club). Positioned across from ‘Mermaid and the Oyster’ and near the main stage our booth definitely was the hot spot on the block…those oysters were pretty delicious too!  We had a great time informing the crowds about Oasis and had a lot of laughs throughout the weekend.  MsKitty was purring with delight as she managed to score free ice cream while having her feet massaged, be sure to check out the pics.  It was great to know that a lot of the Everything to do with sex show Toronto show goers had heard of and even had been to Oasis Aqualounge, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Special thanks to Mikey from the show crew, even with his insanely busy schedule, he always has a huge grin on his face and is always ready for a good time.

Everything to do with Sex Show Media Pre-Party

Thursday November 1

Everything to do with Sex Show (ETDWSS) Toronto kicked off with a media pre-party at Oasis on Thursday November 1. The club was buzzing with porn stars, burlesque babes, ETDWSS performers and of course the media. Upstairs in the porn room hostess of Hot Springs MsKitty acted as nayotaimori (nude women sushi platter) which was an especially cool asset to

the evening. Burlesque performer ‘Chow Mein’ of the Harlettes teased pleased the crowd and there was even a hypnotist amongst the guests. The party went well into the wee hours with many guests drinking, dancing and playing throughout the club. We gave away passes to the ETDWSS and couples weekend passes to Oasis Aqualounge. A fantastic night that got everybody’s engines revving for the ETDWSS Toronto.

A special thank you to The Alchemical Seductress Princess Shahrazad for her workshop ‘Intensify Your Senses’ on Friday November 2 at Oasis.

Halloween Harem

Saturday October 27, 2012

The chilly, rainy weather didn’t keep guests from coming to the club for our Halloween Harem event. In fact, maybe it was the cold night air that encouraged everyone to dress up, that and the great prizes Oasis gave for best costumes! Earlier in the evening guests enjoyed a belly dance inspired performance by ‘Egyptian Queen’ Esther De Ville. Her sultry, seductive  dance certainly got everyone in the mood. Later on, we had another belly dancer that performed two numbers; one sword  dance and another involving a lot of erotic, hip gyrating moves. Both performances were well received and really added to the overall theme of the night.

Compared to last year we probably saw more costumes this year at the club, which was great. Everyone showed up and we’re in ‘party mode.’ A few couples went all out and dressed according to the belly dance theme. Among some of the costumes there was a Jessica Rabbit, a naughty nurse and sexy bunny to name a few. Two couples won weekend passes to Oasis Aqualounge and passes to the Great Canadian Burlesque ‘Burlesque Brunch’ for their great costumes, be sure to check out the pics! Of course by the end of the evening, most couples ended up either naked or in towels as they romped round room to room, with just bits and pieces of their costume in tact. Special thanks to both performers.