Vaginal Ecstasy

We all have peak experiences in our lives. The brightest memories. The strongest sensations. Deepest moments of connection and truth. This was definitely one of those highlights.

Distinct memories of being pressed against the wall, hands up – not knowing what to anticipate from this handsome man. His calm, authoritative voice. His muscular arms around her, his dark chocolate athletic body touching her, sensing the bulge in his pants brushing against her ass… The sound of a single tail breaking the air. Stinging her skin ever so lightly. Fear. His hands on her round, firm butt – slapping. Paddles… Crop. The anticipation of what’s to come, crazy electricity, tension, attraction.

She could’ve stopped right there… But this incredible longing to experience him was much stronger than the voice of reason in her head. Alice started moving – grinding against him in a rhythmical way, welcoming his touch more and more.

“Let’s leave the underwear on,” – he said. She could feel his dick so close yet just out of reach. What a tease… Lips getting dry in the anticipation of a kiss, feeling her clit swelling with pleasure, pussy getting wet longing for his cock. His piercing eyes looking at her: “My beautiful queen. I want to worship you.”

And that he did.

Lots of little kisses – he covered her body with a wave of warmth and lust. So gentle, so giving… The time stood still. Alice was intensely in the moment. The now. It was incredible.

His lips on her pussy – first through the panties. And then – without. His beautiful face with striking hazel eyes, sensual lips and a short sexy stubble – absorbed in her. The sounds he made enjoying her… Blending in with her moans. She loved it all. Coming over and over again into his mouth. Screaming so loudly that he had to turn the TV on, as to not disrupt the neighbors.

He finally undressed. What an incredible body – masculine, proportionate, sexy as hell, beautiful black cock.

And then the spectacle began.

Alice was never too much into vaginal sex. Statistics spoke for themselves – only 25% of women have ever orgasmed from an intercourse alone… Even Alice – who’s always orgasmed abundantly – has not enjoyed vaginal orgasms…

THIS man was definitely different.

He inserted his cock ever so slightly into her pussy, he positioned her body at the right angle… He passionately fucked her applying just the perfect amount of pressure to her G-spot, he quickly removed his cock right in time for Alice to squirt all over her face, body, mattress, the room!

In a projectile fountain of joy… Over and over again. Alice felt submerged into a white explosion of intense ecstatic energy. Bright light. Oneness. Ecstasy. Grasping for air between the screams of pleasure. In a total disbelief…

Receiving this incredible gift of mystic self-transcendence and feeling so much gratitude and joy…

Thank you to author  Evguenia (she/her) of Spirit Sex Lab; Sexuality guide and Energy therapist, with daily sexy blog on Instagram,  Facebook and Youtube

The Other Woman by Evguenia of Spirit Sex Lab

Alice’s husband opened the bedroom door. She was waiting for him with anticipation, naked, under the sheets… “How was it?” – she asked? “Did you enjoy FUCKING her?” “I had a good time” he said with a smile. “Tell me, I want to hear all of the details!” – Alice started feeling the longing, almost painful throbbing sensation in her pussy. The idea of her husband coming back from a hot sexy date immediately turned her on. She was wet.

…It hasn’t always been this easy for her. She could remember the first time he was leaving for a sex date a few years ago when they just opened their marriage… She felt hurt, possessive and jealous back then. She was afraid to lose how special it was to be with him, to own him. She remembered sitting on top of him naked as he was laying on the bed and silently crying all over his chest. Covering his whole body with the tears of loss. The loss of exclusivity. The loss of specialness. The loss of ownership.

He leaned over and kissed her – she noticed the taste of a different woman on his lips. A scent of the other woman on his clothes… She got incredibly turned on by the thought that someone else’s hands just caressed him a few minutes ago, someone else’s lips lustfully kissed his body… She imagined his thick dick entering someone else’s pussy. “Tell me…” she said passionately touching and kissing him. She simply couldn’t keep her hands off of this man. Tonight, it felt like they have just met for the very first time; and sparks were flying around just like twenty years ago…

…By letting something go, you create a space for even greater things to enter into your life. Exclusivity turned into inclusivity. Specialness into uniqueness. Ownership into excitement and freedom. Alice learned that love was possible without possession. One person’s needs could be easier met by multiple people. One could love more than one person… Multiple partners multiplied lust. And no competition was possible because everyone was unique and therefore irreplaceable. All people fit like unique puzzle pieces into the spots specific only to them into a multidimensional puzzle called a human being.

FINALLY she got a hold of his cock. She could not keep her mouth off of it, tasting HER taste, feeling the rush of electricity running through the body. They didn’t make love, no. They had an amazing, lustful fuck. Just like animals – kissing, biting, licking, fucking.

Alice and her husband just couldn’t get enough of each other. Passion. Ignited by his story of the sex date, enhanced by Alice’s vivid imagination… Intensified by the other woman’s Scent. Passion. Love.

Thank you to author  Evguenia (she/her) of Spirit Sex Lab; Sexuality guide and Energy therapist, with daily sexy blog on Instagram,  Facebook and Youtube

Connective Rope by Evguenia of Spirit Sex Lab

Alice was standing in front of a full length mirror, dressed in tight snake print leggings and dark sports top. A man behind her – young, topless, beautifully athletic, masculine with long black hair, beard and magnetic eyes was tying her with a rope.

She was watching his every move. How carefully The Rigger applied the rope, how he balanced it out on both sides, how patiently he explained the process. The geometric pattern that he created on her body was both visually appealing and physically stimulating. Tight. Safe. Yet she was waiting with anticipation for what was to come. She was focusing so strongly on the sensations that all of her attention went into the kinesthetic realm.

“Would you like to know what it would feel like to be suspended?” – asked The Rigger. Alice nodded. He placed both of his hands in different positions of the harness and raised her up. Easily. Just lifted her in the air so she could feel the weightless effect of this suspension…

“I will remove the rope in a connective way,” – he said. “Feel free to close your eyes…”

Alice’s back was facing his chest, he was right behind her, sitting on the floor. Removing the ropes in a connective way meant a slow and sensual dance of his masculine arms around her. Embracing her, removing one rope loop at a time in very slow sensual movements. He wasn’t just removing the ropes, no…

He was playing with the energy of this rope scene, slowly running it on top of her breasts, between her legs, brushing the rope against her throat.

Soon, Alice, started going into a deep state of trans. Nothing else mattered to her – just the movement of his hands, sensation of the rope against her body, the touch of his chest against her back. The sensual energy was palpable. Her eyes were closed and so were his. As in a slow moving beautifully created melody, exquisite partnered dance…

She was sensing the energy of this spectacle – slow, sensual, deep, gentle and yet strong. He was a true artist. The artist of deep authentic contact, master of attentive connection.

When all ropes were removed, Alice found herself leaning into his arms. Unwilling to move. Staying in this connective state of oneness. Inclusion. Bliss. Prolonging it as much as she could. Enjoying the energy and this gift of sensuality and depth. Surrendering into the tactile oneness. With a smile on her face.

Thank you to author  Evguenia (she/her) of Spirit Sex Lab; Sexuality guide and Energy therapist, with daily sexy blog on Instagram,  Facebook and Youtube