Coitus & Coronavirus; Is Intimacy Still Possible?

For the most part and to varying degrees, we are sexual beings who crave touch and intimacy. If you have ever been to Oasis Aqualounge, you know that we strive to provide our members with an upscale, water-themed, liberated venue in which to explore and express their sexual fantasies and desires.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the temporary closure of Oasis Aqualounge, it leaves our sex-positive community wondering if physical intimacy is even possible. In a search for information, we wanted to share this great article ‘Can I Have Sex? A Guide To Intimacy During The Coronavirus Outbreak.’

This article features the opinions of three experts; Dr. Jessica Justman, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez and Dr. Julia Marcus. Check out advice on possibilities, alternatives and risks of sexual intimacy during COVID-19.