Erotica by Alice In PolyLand: The Cross

Check out this exciting and sexy piece of erotica, that took place at Oasis Aqualounge. If you are interested in more offerings by Alice In Polyland, please view to explore exciting workshops and erotic meditation.


… Alice was torn. The conversation – intense, emotional discussion of penalties and safe words – was taking a while. On one hand she really wanted to play with him again. On the other – completely letting go of control and surrendering to the unknown terrified her. What will it be? “We don’t have to play with Alice today” he said. And she felt her heart sink… But gradually kiss by kiss, touch by touch he changed his mind: “Get undressed!” “Completely? Not even a towel?” “Yes, you heard me – “undressed”.

The day felt like an emotional roller coaster – staying open, vulnerable, obedient, naked, shameless, slutty. Being seen, watched, wanted and approached by others. Eye contact – intense or avoidant. Changes of scenery, faces and orders – but throughout the whole experience – pushing the inner boundaries, opening up to new experiences, allowing for a new slut-positive reality to penetrate Alice’s cells… Step by step – surrendering to pleasure, lust, shamelessness, guilt-free enjoyment and ultimately the freedom to fully express herself. The inner judge, the one that always told her to behave, be a good girl, not to allow the seductive, sexy, crazy animal in her to take over – was silent. The judge was overthrown by the king of Dominance himself. Allowing for this new inner sexual goddess to emerge.

The dungeon is a large open space with seats all around. Alice is on the large cross, unable to move, handcuffed in an X position. Mirza – touching her, talking to her, directing, dominating. She’s blushing, cumming, countless times – screaming, enjoying the scene, the spectators, the sexual energy. Owning it. Feeling the pride. And how far she’s come. Mesmerizing. Meeting the eyes of others with lust, longing to be seen and worshiped. Puddle, huge puddle on the floor – he’s drying it up, hugging, leaving – the play is over. The goddess has enjoyed her worship.

A few people following them – some talk, others try to approach at the most unexpected times, compliment, look, join in. Alice feels tired and aroused. She puts the clothes on suddenly realizing how normal it felt to walk around naked in front of so many people.

And then the tears come – a much needed emotional release. She expected to be able to finally touch him, as equals. To hold. To connect. To give and receive the pleasure, to cuddle. But he felt like ending where he ended, staying in control. “There’s always a next time” he said. “Everything is possible and there are no expectations… – please remember this Alice” “This power play is so heart breaking”, she thought “and unfair, clinical and clearly lucks intimacy… “

They argued again and then stayed quiet for long periods of time. And when everything was said and done, both softened into a more intimate space… And the experience felt complete. Alice was full. And wide open… to new adventures.