Bathhouse and Bodyworks: The Musical

February 10, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – February 11, 2019 @ 3:00 am
$25 per person
A Quite PopSixSquishUhuhCiceroLipschitz! Monthly Queer Bathhouse Night of Drag, Performance, and Fetish..//

How do you make a bathhouse party a Musical?
With sounds!
This month we have a slate of special performances and fetishes that are appropriate for all the stages of the most infamous of stages and red rooms.
Experience the glitz and glamour of nudity and the dark lights.


Tarot Readings with Rizz 9pm @ Ballroom
Drag Performances 1030pm, Midnight @ The 1st Floor
DJ Cam Lee 1000pm @ The 1st Floor
Super Fetish 1100pm @ Ballroom


Scarlett Bobo may be the hardest working drag queen in all of Toronto. A circus freak drag performer and travelling party girl who will leave you sickened!

Fisher Price is the madam of the Best Little Whorehouse of a small Ontario town. A blessed drag performer, material artist, and teen model, in that order.

Jord Camp is 1/2 of xLQ, a POP ART performance duo, dedicated to radical forms of performance and complicit audience experience.

Axel Blows is activist, semi-professional sexologist, professional queer-o, burlesque artist & pole dancing ingenue.

Qveen of Swords Tarot is a queer tarot reader based out of Toronto who prides themselves in creating safe spaces for folks.

Cam Lee is DJ Marilyn Mansion, who serves a lovely mix of technoy, housey, weirdo things for you to bob to while giving you delicious deelites for your eyeballs.

Lil Wheezy is the illegitimate daughter of Bob Flanagan


We now have a group for you to keep abreast of things –

$25 Gender Neutral Pricing @ ze door.
No Pre-Sales.
Includes Locker & Towels & Full Access.
Be sure to bring your ID. Very strict.
Wear as much as everything or as little as nothing.

This event is for all orientations and all gender identities.
We do our best to make this a good time for everyone. If you find anybody not respecting you for ANY reason, please alert security, the staff, or Adam.