Erotic Hypnosis For Everyone

February 7, 2018 @ 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Men/couples-$80. Women-free

Tonight, join us for a special presentation on Erotic Hypnosis, brought to you by  Bruce Anderson and Madame Sula 

This two hour workshop and demonstration will aim to dispel myths about hypnosis; challenging concepts that erotic hypnosis is about mind control.  Bruce and Sula will explain that erotic hypnosis is consensual and negotiated and that life energy and sexual energy are identical forces that are inside all of us. Active, vocal consent will be demonstrated throughout the entire presentation.

Bruce and Sula will talk about their personal stories and experience as it relates to erotic hypnotism.

The first part of the evening will address;

  • How to create more excitement in your lives and more connection in your relationships.
  • Addressing consent and negotiation
  • Energy and how the audience’s energy contributes to the room.

From there, Bruce and Sula will demonstrate erotic hypnotism on each other, in order to provide  a chance to observe this process in action.

These live demonstrations will touch upon:

  • The illusion of control, surrender and what it means. This will also include some discussion around ‘obedience’; what does it mean to be obedient?
  • Powerful techniques for accessing and amplifying pleasure states, including hypnotic arousal and powerful hypnotic orgasm.
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions.
  • Hypnotic bondage and spanking
  • Flexible erogenous zones
  • Fantasy play

Questions are encouraged throughout and following the demonstration.

For anyone who is curious to try erotic hypnosis, Bruce and Sula will guide a guest through the process, on the Ballroom stage, providing active consent is communicated throughout the entire experience.

Oasis Aqualounge is open from 11am-3am for Hot Springs. Erotic Hypnosis begins at 9:30pm.

Singles and couples welcome. Men/couples-$80. Women-free