Nudes & Suits

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November 20, 2013 @ 12:00 am – 8:00 am
Oasis Aqualounge
231 Mutual Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2B4
$50 Single gentlemen & Couples. Ladies always FREE.


Nudes and Suits is an upscale, equivalent of CMNF (Clothing Male Naked Female). This is a perfect event for men to showcase some of those classical 2/3 (matching) suits, modern sports jacket, blazers & dress pants and those that can appreciate naked women adorned with beautiful variety of jewelry (including body jewelry), stay-ups, and some sexy, classy heels.

Women only: 7pm to 8pm ladies this is the perfect time to get undressed, use the pool, get ready, mingle among other ladies

Dress code in effect: Ladies in the buff and gentlemen in full 2/3 piece suits.  Men must be fully clothed, including dress shirt with collar, tie, suit jacket and pants til 11:00 pm. Ladies is required to be naked but can wear accessories, stay ups (no garters), and sexy, classy heels!

Ribbon Coding for the Ladies:

Red- D/S

Blue- I am just a NUDIST!

White- Servitude

Not wearing a ribbon?? Simply observing the event. Each lady will have their own comfort level. You can remove/add the ribbon through out the night.



  • Required to be fully clothed through the party, til 11:00 pm.  After 11:00 pm men are allowed to be nude pool, hot tub and play areas NOT the main bar.

* Men can be nude in play areas(third floor) anytime.

  • Public Domination and submission are allowed. Please respect the ribbon system and only interact if this type of play is by consent and negotiated.
  • Please abide with the dress code. This event was created for those that can appreciate the men in suits and was meant to be more of an upscale, fashion-forward, and cater to a very unique fetish.


  • Females are required to stay nude through out the event.
  • Shoes, boots, hats, gloves, jewelry, stockings allowed.
  • No corsets, lingerie, swimwear, garter belts, other waist/clinchers etc.



7:00 pm- Ladies can have the opportunity to get ready before the men are allowed to enter the venue, connect with other ladies, and go for a quick dip in the pool.

7:30pm Pre-talk  and vendor(s)to be confirmed.

8:00 pm-  Doors open to everyone

8:00 pm – 9:30 pm- Networking

9:30 pm – High heel fashion show. Prize for best shoes or boots. Who will say no to a spa certificate??

11:00 pm -Burlesque performance by Esther De Ville & Fionna Flauntit