Oasis After Dark: Petting Zoo

June 2, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – June 3, 2019 @ 3:00 am
Gender Neutral in fetish wear - $30 Gender Neutral no fetish wear - $80.

Oasis After Dark – The Premiere Fetish Play Party in the Oasis Mansion – multiple floors of fully equipped play spaces.

The Oasis mansion will be transformed into a kink and BDSM friendly environment – offering multiple floors of fully equipped play spaces and expanded play options.

Tonight’s event will celebrate kinky creatures  and furry fetishists. From 8-9pm, check out The Adoption Center (Meet and Greet) located at the Main Bar,

Come early to find yourself a pet, beast, critter, furry/feather friend for the evening or for as long as they will have you.

Throughout the night,  enjoy the ball pit on the second floor, as well as the park on the pool deck. Watering/lounging stations will be available for cuddles

Expanded play options include Wax, rope suspension etc. Which are all PERMITTED, during the Oasis After Dark event, after getting approval of the DMs on duty

The Oasis After Dark Host, Staff, Dungeon Monitors and Security are all on hand and committed to helping you play in a safe, supported and welcoming atmosphere.

Music by DJ Osaze

There will be a complimentary onsite photo booth in the Oasis Red Bar provided by Jrotica Photography from 9pm until 12am. Waivers will be provided to any guests who want to participate

Gender Neutral in fetish wear – $30

Gender Neutral no fetish wear – $80

Fetish wear can include leather, latex, pvc, costumes, uniforms, cosplay and accessories; such as collars, leashes, cages, masks, etc.  Nudity does not count towards the dress code so get creative and dress your best!


Oasis Aqualounge is open from 11am-3am with Oasis After Dark starting at 8pm.

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