Frisky Furries-Play, Pounce and Purrrr!

January 15, 2014 @ 1:00 am – 7:00 am
$20 Furries, $20 women (not costume) $50 men (not in costume)

FurryWebOn Tuesday January 14th at 8:00pm. the Furries will come out to play! Dress, express and embrace your inner creature and/or favorite animal.  Meet like-minded lovers and enjoy erotic and spiritual adventures at our water-themed playground.

This event will feature the animalistic beats of DJ Saucy Miso-a favorite dish at Subspace and other fetish affairs!

All  “fursonas” are welcome! This event will be open to curious kittens wishing to wear a pair of ears and a tale to full mascot suits to everything in between. Whether you are a mythical beast or a playful puppy, this event will offer a safe and welcoming space to unleash your inner furry creature.

Tummy rubs and “scritching”  will be available and at midnight, there will be massive “fur pile,”  in the Red Room-purr and rub against other furry friends!


 ‘Best Furry Costume’ will win some Furry porn! Get fabulous and snuggly for a chance to view some hot, furry mating rituals!

Furries arriving in/wearing costumes: $20.00

Mere mortals: $20.00 women/ $50.00 single gentlemen

Check out the Furries Orgy at a swingers club!

Curious about costumes? Check out these wholesale costumes link:|16220|%2Bcostumes||S|b|18058882076&gclid=COvC6sq9mbsCFclcMgodryMABA