Poly 101 for Women & Their Partners- Sex School with Caitlin K Roberts

January 6, 2017 @ 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Couples-$95. Women-$20

Are you new to the idea of polyamory? Curious to explore different types of open relationships? Interested in communicating your needs and desires to your current partner but aren’t sure where to start?  Visit Sex School tonight as we discover Poly 101 for Women & Their Partners with sex educator Caitlin K. Roberts.

Visit the Oasis Ballroom at 10pm and learn about various relationship styles; from swinging to polyamory and everything in between. Explore both the challenges  and  rewarding benefits as well as  feelings around jealousy and trust.

Whether you are considering an open relationship or just want to learn more, our presenter will navigate through boundaries and communication we as journey through the concept of polyamory.

Caitlin K. Roberts (She/Her) is a sex educator, blogger, and feminist porn producer. Roberts is currently being trained at the Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment, which is an approved institutional provider of education hours with the American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors & Therapists. Roberts is the founder and CEO of Spit, a Toronto feminist porn company. Roberts has spoken at the Playground Conference, George Brown College, and McMaster University on LGBTQ communities and body image.

Oasis Aqualounge is open from 11am-3am for women and couples. Sex School begins at 10pm; there is no additional cost to attend.

Couples-$95. Women-$20