Sapphic Aquatica: Spa and Social for Women & Trans Folx

September 29, 2019 @ 8:00 pm
$20 per person (cis men are not permitted to attend)

Celebrate sex, kink and body positivity at Sapphic Aquatica; an exclusive event for women and trans folx.  Produced by Fatima Mechtab

Giddy up and get off on Sybian rides, starting at 9pm. Experience our high-powered, vibrating machine with optional, penetrative attachments that are pleasurable for all gender identities.

Xris & Patty talk about Sensory Deprivation tonight!

From 9pm-10pm, we are excited to welcome back Xris & Patty, International Ms Leather 2014 for an exciting and educational BDSM presentation and demo.  Visit the Oasis Ballroom to learn about Sensory Deprivation. Explore how to communicate your fetishes as well as how to properly negotiate a safe and sexy kink scenes. 

Are you looking to meet other guests for friendship and/or possibly play? Participate in Speed Dating from 10:30pm-11pm in the Ballroom. 

Xica DaDiva will charm & delight!

At 11pm, the Ballroom stage will welcome the fabulous Xica DaDiva. This extraordinary performer, entertainer and trans activist will command your attention and may even steal your heart!

Enjoy spa facilities such as the hot tub and outdoor heated pool. Swim under the stars; in the buff, if you wish.

Oasis Aqualounge will be open from 11am-7:30pm for women and couples.  Sapphic Aquatica starts at 8pm.

$20 per person. Sorry, no cis men: cis folks identify with the gender that they were assigned with, at birth. 

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