Sex School; Squirting & G-Spot Orgasms

September 7, 2018 @ 11:00 am – September 8, 2018 @ 3:00 am
Women-$20, couples-$95
Sex School; Squirting & G-Spot Orgasms

On the first Friday of every month, Oasis Aqualounge will feature a workshop series called Sex School. This evening will feature workshops and presentations in the areas of sexuality and intimacy.

Tonight we welcome Evguenia Cheinis who will present on Squirting and G-Spot Orgasms.  This workshop will cover the following points:

  • Anatomy and terminology
  • Ejaculation versus orgasm
  • Techniques for the tops: fingering, toys
  • Techniques for the bottoms
  • Best positions for G-spot stimulation
  • Yoni (vulva) Massage guidelines
  • Videos
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing


Evguenia is a founder of SpiritSexLab , an accredited Energy Therapy Practitioner and a passionate Sex Educator who graduated from the World’s Premier Hands-on healing program. – Your guide to Breathtaking Sex – Playful Spirituality & Life full of Creativity and Passion
Follow her on FB, Instagram and YouTube: @SpiritSexLab

Oasis Aqualounge is open from 11am-3am. Sex School begins at 10pm and is included in the cost of admission to the club. Women & couples welcome.

Women-$20, couples-$95