Sexy Secretary & SDC Play Party

January 25, 2020 @ 11:00 am – January 26, 2020 @ 3:00 am
Couples-$95. Women-$20. Couples-$95. Women-$20. Couples who are SDC members: $75. Women who are SDC members-$10

Live out your fantasies of playing a naughty secretary or a bad-ass CEO during our office-themed event.

Dress up is highly encouraged. Slide on silk stockings, zip up a tight pencil skirt and slip into your high heel shoes. Or look extra handsome in a dress shirt or office attire. Don’t worry; the dress code isn’t strict. Feel free to loosen up in our clothing-optional environment.

Be a team player and participate in our ‘Ultimate Power Couple’ contest at 11pm. Show off your office-appropriate looks and add your own scandalous spin.  Prizes will go towards the best displays of confidence and hustle!

Melange & Sam Antics in ‘Secretary.’

At 11:30pm, our stage will also welcome Fannie Fullenweider and Daisy Badcock, as well a duet by Sam Antics and Melange Etrange who will put a sexy spin on secretaries, power suits and naughty boardroom fun.

We excited to partner with SDC with an exclusive offer. Sign up to become a SDC member with a free 45 day trial using code 27691, compliments of Oasis Aqualounge.  Our event hosts will be handing out  SDC swag and cards that provide our discount code;  sign up and start connecting with other Oasis members.

We offer a monthly event for SDC members where a discount on admission is available. This discount is only available once a month and applies only towards the SDC-specific event.

Couples who are current SDC members will receive $20 off admission. Women who are SDC members receive $10 off admission. Please present your SDC membership on your phone to the door staff.  The discount will apply from 11am-onward. 

Oasis Aqualounge is open from 11am-3am; women and couples welcome.

Couples-$95. Women-$20. Couples who are SDC members: $75. Women who are SDC members-$10