Unicorn Night-The Myth Unveiled!

March 23, 2014 @ 12:00 am – 7:00 am
women $20, couples $80


Definition of a Unicorn: a mythical creature yet couples often/fantasize/talk about having a single girl to join them for a menage a trois/threesome
First time ever Oasis Aqualounge is having a night dedicated for couples that are seeking a third and single ladies that would like to experience a couple. As one would s…ay best of both worlds! It could be a FFM or FMF. Hosted by the one and only MsKitty!
Definition of FFM: Female Female Male, the two females are OK with interaction as well as interacting with the male.
Definition of FMF: Female Male Female, the two females are just focusing on the male and they do not interact. Sometimes the two females are OK with touching and kissing but with no oral sex.
Games to be played!!Pinatas, pin the horn on the unicorn and more!
Find MsKitty in her unicorn get up and get a My Little Pony (the closest temporary tattoo that I can find to unicorns) so couples will know that you are a unicorn!
IF you are a unicorn and would like to RSVP, please send MsKitty in Toronto an email at kitty@oasisaqualounge.com
Regular Club Hours: 11am to 3am Unicorn festivities will commence at 9pm Couples and Single Ladies only. Single Men must be chaperoned with another lady.