Experience WARM; A Toasty Toy Review

This past weekend, I had the (utmost) pleasure of reviewing a new product that acts as a sex toy accessory.  Experience Warm  is a sleek and innovative product that promises to keep your favorite toys warm prior to and during playtime.

Ironically enough, I happened to experiment with WARM during one of the hottest weekends of the summer. However, free time and arousal is no competition for weather; I went to town regardless.

Upon first inspection, this toy accessory is absolutely gorgeous. The pouch itself is made from supple, vegan leather and it is approximately the size of a large clutch purse.  As I unrolled the pouch, the interior presented a soft, silky material, which is what you wrap your toys in.  It is indeed, a luxurious accoutrement to add to your erotic collection.

The WARM pouch is very easy to use.  There is a thin cord attached to the pouch that plugs into the wall and a small, triangle-shaped on/off switch.  To turn it on, you simply hit the switch.

There is no way to adjust the heat; the temperature remains at a safe, 130 Fahrenheit; this is slightly above regular body temperature which is approximately 98.6. You are not heating up your toy; you are simply warming it up.

In order to be fair and cover all bases; I tried WARM with many different toys and materials; dildos, vibes and an anal toy; both silicon and glass. If you are wondering, the variety of sensations was definitely an enjoyable experience!

Depending on the size, you can fit two toys together into the pouch but for a nice, equal heat distribution, one toy at a time is best.  For my first toy, I kept a silicon vibe wrapped up for 5 minutes but I found that it was not long enough so I upped the ante to fifteen minutes a toy.

I did not notice a marked difference between various materials; both glass and silicon felt the same. They both warmed up but none was more noticeable than the other.  Also, in my experience, the warm sensation only lasted about 5 minutes.  Candidly, after 5 minutes, I stopped paying attention to the temperature, as I started to focus on my own pleasure.

The warming sensation was a nice way to start off. It was not too intense; more so pleasant.  The downside is that using WARM does take a little prep work for a short payoff.   If you are trying WARM with a partner, I recommend foreplay while your toys are heating up.

In short, this is a fun accessory to enhance pleasure, although your choice of toy and/or your favorite sensations play a big part.  For example, I did find that using WARM with my anal vibrating plug made it easier to slide into things (so to speak); mainly because the anus does need a bit more coaxing.

If you are looking to treat yourself and/your partner (s), the WARM product can be a beautiful addition to an existing sex toy collection but as far as sensations go, I found it to be quite mild. My experience might have been different on a day that was minus 40 instead of plus 40 so perhaps one should try WARM during various seasons of the year.

To experience WARM, check out this great link for purchase.

Miss F