Gorgeous Geeks


The hype leading up too and during FanExpo last weekend was more than enough reason for Oasis to celebrate geeks, gamers and nerds alike. Our first ever “Gorgeous Geeks” event went off without a hitch, no doubt the special guests Nerd Girl Burlesque had something to do with it! Keneckie Street started the show with a bang, her comical (not pun intended) yet super sexy Harlequin act caught everyone’s attention. Headlining the event Loretta Jean’s Dr.Who tribute had the crowd cheering for more. Special thanks to Sci Feye Candy for coming out with their amazing selection of super hero themed bathing suits and congratulations to those who won for best dressed geeks!

The fun continued Saturday evening for our Maracas & Moochachos Fiesta Night. Jana made her famous guacamole which was quickly devoured by those nibbling on snacks at the bar. Later in the evening a good sized group filed into the dungeon for the pinata smashing festivities…you can’t have a fiesta without a pinata! Oddly enough the dungeon seemed like the safest place to hang it. Guests had a blast attempting to break it with the mini padded hockey sticks (again, safety first!). Once broken all sorts of candies and goodies, like a vibrating ring, penis pump (care of Dirty Bingo) and Great Canadian Tease Burlesque Brunch passes spilled onto the floor. Everyone had a good laugh and some guests stayed and played in the dungeon while others ventured to the top floor to see what kind of naughty things they could get into…