Halloween Soiree

Saturday October 26, 2013

Last night was a blast, everyone came dressed in a costume, more this year than ever before.

10:30 – 11:00 pm we had Ella_Vation, Violet and Evelyn pole dance for the crowd. Once they started we had other ladies come forward and show off their moves.

11:00 pm- The costume contest began, we made everyone entering into the contest line up. Violet, Evelyn and Bijioux judged the contest.

The contest was done in 3 rounds:

Round #1: Everyone stepped forward and said who they were for Halloween and why they think should win.

Round #2: Demonstrate your favorite sexual position

Round #3: Tell us your naughtiest Halloween story

A pregnant nun and vicar won (Annie Fanny and her partner!!). Second prize went to Cleopatra and Jesus! Second prize was two tickets for a tour of Steamwhistle Brewery.

11:30 pm- Violet gave the crowd a strip tease

Overall the evening went well and everyone had a good time! People wanted to play games and have fun in there costumes. The Halloween fun hasn’t stopped here, Oasis features three more Halloween parties this coming week…Sapphic Aquatica, Haunt Springs and Halloween Soiree!