Hot Shot Chocolate; For Sale At Oasis Aqualounge

We are excited to announce that Hot Shot Chocolate will now be available for purchase at Oasis Aqualounge. Indulge in creamy, decadent, hand-crafted Belgian chocolates while enjoying intimate time at the club or buy as a gift for someone special.

Hot Shot Chocolate also offers wine and whiskey pairing sets, which are ideal for guests interested in buying a glass at the bar and trying the chocolate pairing experience.


Erotic Chocolate Lollipops: $5+tax

  • Belgian Milk, White or Dark
  • Chocolate Labia Lollies & Penis Pops

Large Chocolate Bars: $10+tax

  • Classic Belgian Milk, White or Dark Chocolate
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Candied Ginger

6 Packs Chocolate Bonbon Sets: $13+tax

  • Variety Mix
  • Vegan Mix
  • Assorted Caramels

Red Wine Pairing
Whiskey Pairing

Visit the pay station and inquire with a staff member about purchases.