Since March 2020, virtual sex parties and online dating have risen in popularity as a way to connect intimately with others while still adhering to COVID safety protocols. And what may have started as a begrudging curiosity has actually helped to inspire our waning, sexual appetites, breathing new life into our long-lost libidos.

As the rules of sensation play dictate, the others will become more heightened when one sense is taken away. And for many of us, the absence of physical touch has led us to connect via the cybernetic sphere, resulting in the arousal of the biggest sex organ; our brain.

Virtual play provides visual sexual stimuli.

“Sex is multisensorial. Even when you’re not intentionally heightening one or more of your senses (like with impact or temperature play), during sex, all your senses are active.” In terms of sight and sexuality, the eyes are not only the window to the soul; they are the catalyst for erotic desire.

Voyeurism has the power to stimulate our imagination and inspire sexual fantasies, a big reason why porn sites and webcam models are so appealing. Watching couples at play is a powerful aphrodisiac, regardless of whether it’s in-person or on a virtual platform.

Touch via toys

While some industries suffered during the pandemic, the sale of sex toys soared to new heights. For example, in January 2021, CBC reported that Venus Envy, a sex toy retailer in Ottawa, noticed a marked increase in purchases.

“The Centretown shop says sales have been on the rise since the pandemic began, with online sales tripling compared to the previous year.” Pairing your favorite toy with exciting visuals is a great way to evoke a range of erotic senses and elevate your virtual play experience.

Aroused by audio

The sounds of sex can be just as inspiring as the visuals they can provide. Moans, sighs, and orgasmic cries can also excite our auditory senses, piquing our naughty imaginations.

If you have ever been in an erotically charged voyeuristic situation, recall how you felt once zippers were undone, the sound of ripped clothing in a fit of passion, or the sensual slurping of oral activities.

You can enjoy a coitus-infused cacophony in the virtual sphere, too; just turn up your speakers or adjust the volume of your headphones to indulge in auditory arousal.

Connection through contact and communication

Virtual connections have existed long before the pandemic. Even once restrictions are lifted, the convenience (and sometimes the anonymity) of online encounters will still entice long-distance lovers to interact in an engaging and sexually inspiring way.

The appeal of virtual sex goes beyond touch, and while physical intimacy is an essential part of a sexual affair, our other senses help elevate the experience. Discover new ways to revive your libido and encourage play through participation via the Oasis Aqualounge Virtual HQ platform.