Join Our #30DaySexChallenge

To beat the back to school/work life blues, we found a fun 30-day challenge to ease you into your day-to-day routine. This 30 Day Challenge is different; you can eat and drink as much as you wish and never visit the gym once (although you will get some exercise!).

On Tuesday September 20th, we are starting the Oasis 30-Day Sex Challenge. We challenge you to have sex for the next 30 days, every day. Yes, a quickie in the morning counts, and so does a solo performance. So find new positions, new places, new toys or new partners.

Follow us on Twitter @Oasis231mutual for sexy suggestions each day. Followers that retweet our suggestions, tweet about their participation and post photos of their ongoing challenge could win passes to The Everything To Do With Sex Show, and a grand prize pack, along with other swag, courtesy of the club.

Please email for any questions or suggestions you have about this exciting challenge.

Here are some great suggestions to help you along the way:

  1.  Try the ‘thigh master’ position: it’s like reverse cowgirl but the woman straddles the man’s leg with her thigh for extra clitorial stimulation.
  2.  Celebrate Hump Day with sex at work; sneak off to the employee washroom with that  hot coworker crush, enjoy some pleasure from your home office or explore oral under your desk!
  3. Solo sex is a great stress reliever and a fun way to start, break from and/or end your day.
  4.  Tease your lover’s mind with some cunning linguistics; send a  sexy text or voice mail mid-day to boost desire and anticipation
  5.  Our Sunday chores getting you down? Enjoy sex on top of a washing machine for some extra bump, grind and vibration.
  6.  Explore G-Spot stimulation.  Check out the Orchid G Spot Stimulator & other toys from Good For Her  into your daily challenge.
  7. Record and/or photograph your sexual adventures;  watch yourselves playing as visual foreplay.
  8. Enjoy a full, sexy day focusing on  oral pleasure only-give & receive pleasure with your mouth, lips and tongue.
  9. Try some classic Kasmasutra moves today to kick off your Thursday.
  10.  Sex in a public place. sex in a public place. Whether it is for or inside an elevator-enjoy some pubic play today.
  11.  In honor of Nuit Blanche and our art-themed event Painted Petals, mix sex and art together. Cover your bodies with paint and play around on top of a piece of canvas,
  12. Experiment with light bondage; incorporate rope tying and different sexual positions. Check out our Ravishing Rope event for some inspiration.
  13.  Dedicate a day to manual sex only-use digits and/or hand jobs to bring you and/or yourself pleasure on a Monday.
  14. Save water and time on a Tuesday morning with sex in the shower. Soap up your lover’s body and then get dirty!
  15.  Take control of your Hump Day and get more bang for your buck with the Reverse Cowgirl position.
  16. In honor of #NationalPoetryDay, write a sexy poem, explaining exactly what you want to do to your lover-then act out every word!
  17. Explore butt play and anal sex. If you are curious to know more, check out a presentation by Carlyle Jansen during Sex School on Anal Sex Basics for Couples.
  18. Try a threesome! If you are wondering where to start or tips on finding a third, visit  our Unicorn Night on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
  19.  Work up a Thanksgiving appetite with a wild romp on top of your kitchen table or kitchen counter. Make sex your first course and a decadent ending to your holiday feast.
  20.  In  honor of our special Thanksgiving Monday event-‘Get Stuffed-give thanks for your orifices and try your hand at fisting. Curious about techniques and safety? Check out our fisting workshop, presented on occasion in the Oasis Dungeon.
  21. Try using your feet to give your partner pleasure or suck/blow on each toe for a sexy sensation/foreplay. Visit our bi-monthly event Foot Fetish Fantasy for some inspiration.
  22. Arch your back against your partner and rub against them for the Spoon position. Watch how fast spooning turns into ‘forking.’
  23.  Celebrate Hump Day with pumps and thrusts in the Missionary position-tried, true and always hot!
  24. Try some Kama Sutra moves with The Frog Position: almost like doggy style but instead of being on your  hands & knees, put your arms down flat & rest body your body on the bed with your  bum in the air.
  25. Tease your partner with a sexy strip tease and make them beg for your body before giving them the goods. Visit Burlesque Night at Oasis Aqualounge and learn hot moves from burlesque beauties.
  26. Incorporate your favorite toys/vibrator into your play. Check out our latest sex toy review on Oasis blog for inspiration.
  27. Start off Monday with a Kama Sutra classic: The Cross. Woman lies on her back with one leg down and the other  leg bent. Man straddles extended leg and holds the other leg for deeper, controlled penetration.
  28. Stimulate your G-spot & explore the art of female ejaculation. There are many sex positions that can facilitate squirting. Check out our squirting demonstration for tips during ‘Cum Give It A Shot,’-a monthly event dedicated to bukkake and squirting.
  29. Experiment with  Tantric sex techniques. Check out Sex School on Friday November 4th to learn more about the art of Tantra Touch.
  30. After 30 days of sex, refuel your bodies and feed one another with foods that are known aphrodisiacs; oysters, chocolate, watermelon, etc.