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Join the SDC Community with Oasis Aqualounge

‘Seek, discover and create’ new friendships by joining the recently launched Oasis Aqualounge community on SDC; an erotic connection site for couples and singles.

For those unfamilar,  SDC is a web platform that allows singles and couples to connect and meet up. You set up a profile, add pictures, a description of yourself (including your preferences and what you are looking for), and can be validated by other members. An important feature on this site is its capability of “travel plans”. You can post any travel plans you have (i.e. where you are going, what dates, and what you are looking for) and people/groups can reach out.

As a sex club that welcomes varies types of relationship dynamics, we feel SDC’s values are  similar to Oasis Aqualounge.  SDC  had started out many years ago as Swingers Dating Club and have since changed to ‘Seek, Discover, Create’ because they realized the fludity of relationships and sometimes, sexual identity. They have many factors to their website that are useful, including articles and information.

Join the SDC community by signing up with our code ‘27691’ for a free,  45 day trial.