Lady Luchador Fetish Wrestling

Friday December 18, 2015

This event was a total hit from start to finish. Jonathan Kingpin played the part as the “bookie” and mingled with guests handing out Oasis Sex Dollars encouraging them to trade kisses, spanks or other sexual favours with other guests to get more sex dollars. The guests got right into the “game” and were approaching others waving the OSD in their hands, winking and asking what favours they would do for more money. Later in the evening the guests would bet their money on who they thought would win the wrestling match.

The Oasis ballroom was set as close to a wrestling match as possible, with rows of folding chairs on the stage and stanchions flanking the pathway. There was even naked women fetish wrestling (Ultimate Surrender) projected on the wall, the match was to take place on the play beds. By the time the wrestling started you couldn’t fit another person in the packed ballroom, you could almost taste the competitive energy in the air!

The referee was clad in a German soldier hat, black electrical tape cross pasties & thigh high black leather boots, she introduced each lady luchador and recited the rules “no hair pulling, biting, scratching, each round ends with a 3 sec pin and count out…lets have a clean fight ladies.” Guests rushed to place their last minute bets on these masked marvels.

The under dog was La Nina, at 5 feet, 110 pounds this little lady was dwarfed under El Dorado’s height and “pipes.” The first round started and finished in El Dorado’s favour, she tackled La Nina to the mats pinning her in just minutes! The next round La Nina proved herself as she stripped El Dorado’s leggings off revealing her “wonder wonder style” star panties.  The crowd went wild as the girls continued to wrestle and strip each other eventually falling off the mats to the ground. The winner of the match was La Nina, guests who bet against her gave up their Oasis Sex Dollars with their hands held to their faces in disbelief, it was so funny. Thank you to everyone who came out and assisted with this match, we can’t wait to do it again!

10730919_10203083918995484_7909433363640161756_n El Dorado 3