March Break Badness-Spring, Sex and Spa!

Bijoux and Miss F On Saturday March 15th, Oasis Aqualounge celebrated longer nights and melting snow with our event, March Break Badness!

Hosted by Bijoux and Miss F, this event was the perfect way to say goodbye to Spring Break and say hello to warmer temperatures ahead!


Guests were provided with colorful leis and beautiful fresh fruit platters. Many attendees enjoyed a steamy dip in our outdoor heated pool while some people got down and dirty on the dance floor to house tunes provided by fruit platterDJ Steve.

Oasis Aqualounge regulars-The Wratens-were in attendance and brought their naughty suitcase of sexy lingerie and entertaining features. They even made a pair of homemade handcuffs for the lovely Miss F!


The rum and pineapple special was a huge hit and everyone loved the delicious tropical cocktail. It was the perfect drink to savour while soaking in the relaxing hot tub.

handcuffs! Bijoux and Miss F danced topless on the main floor and encouraged everyone to bend down low and flex their bodies during intermittent spurts of limbo! Even Oasis Aqualounge owner, Jana Matthews got into the spirit and literally bent over backwards to the applause of the crowd!

Winter may be taking it’s time leaving Toronto but last night, Spring Break fever was in the air!


miss f