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The women of Oasis have been interviewed by TV, radio, print and online media on all topics relating to sexuality for women and couples. We welcome your media inquiries by email at info@oasisaqualounge.com or invite you to call the club at (416) 599-7665, if you would like to arrange an interview.

Check out some of our great media coverage

Find Your Pleasure. July 25, 2018.  What To Expect…From A Sex Club! Max Wells interviewed Fatima Mechtab in this month’s edition of Find Your Pleasure; an online magazine devoted to love, sex & seeking out what turns you on!

The Fucket List. July 4, 2018. Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at Oasis Aqualounge? Want to learn more about our events and upcoming projects?Check out this sexy blog post featuring Marketing Director/Event Producer Fatima Mechtab.

Art at Oasis Aqualounge featured in VICE MagazineOnline article, May 17 2018. The beautiful and erotic art displayed on the walls at Oasis Aqualounge was featured in Vice magazine, Oasis art curator Grace E. Love was interviewed for the piece.

Sapphic Aquatica 5-Year Anniversary and Fundraiser – January 28, 2018. Sherry Sylvain from The Buzz Magazine interviews Fatima Mechtab regarding her journey on creating a more trans inclusive space at Sapphic Aquatica.

Founders of Oasis Aqualounge Interviewed on The Sexy Lifestyle Radio Show, Jan. 4th, 2018. Two of our managers and the founders of Oasis Aqualounge were recently interviewed by Carol and David of The Sexy Lifestyle on a live-to-air radio broadcast. Great advice for new couples looking to explore Oasis Aqualounge.

Advice for Newbies & Pride 2017 Events At Oasis Aqualounge. June 16, 2017. Erin Pim interviews Fatima Mechtab on Bed Post-The Sex and Sexuality Variety Show, talking about what to expect for first-time visitors and an exciting Pride 2017 event line up!

Hot, Wet & Full Of Pride. My Gay Toronto-Raymond Helkio.  June 6, 2017. Marketing Director and Event Producer Fatima Mechtab talks about the importance of community during her Sapphic Aquatica event on June 18, as well during the Pride 2017 festivities.

An Oasis In The Heart Of Downtown Toronto. Globe and Mail. March 22nd, 2017. Co-Founder Judy Kaye describes the history and the vision behind Oasis Aqualounge and it’s unique environment that caters to women’s sexuality.

Revitalizing Women’s Sexuality One Member At A Time  LiisBeth magazine.  Sue Nador; February 14, 2017. Oasis co-founder Judy Kaye & Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab talk about breaking societal norms imposed on women and embracing sex/body-positive values inside Oasis Aqualounge.

Clothing Optional: Inside A Toronto Sex Club:  This documentary filmed by film students from Ryerson University takes a look inside Oasis  Aqualounge. It includes the many faces involved with the business and also shares the perspective of someone who decides to explore the world of sex clubs for the first time.

Swinging offers sexual freedom, but you have to play by the rules. Toronto Star -February 4, 2017. Megan Haynes speaks with Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab about the importance of sex club etiquette, consent and communication, inside Oasis Aqualounge.

How To Plan An Orgy For You And Your Friends. November 2016. The online magazine Rooster enlisted in the help of Oasis Aqualounge for some pro tips on how to successfully plan a safe and exciting sex party.

SLS Radio Interview-Vegas Exchange 2016. August 2016. Marketing Director Fatima Mechtab & Judy discuss Oasis Aqualounge live on-air via SLS Radio during the annual Vegas Exchange Lifestyle Convention.

Polyamory, Swinging & Everything In Between. Rogers Cable. July, 2016. Marketing Director/Event Producer Fatima Mechtab explains the difference between Polyamory & Swinging, as well as the various other relationships that can be found inside Oasis Aqualounge.

CTV Toronto: Pride Toronto honours bathhouse raids, Pride Toronto held its news conference to announce its 2016 Pride lineup and commemorated the 35th anniversary of the city’s infamous bathhouse raids at Oasis Aqualounge.  Andria Case reports.

Pride Highlights for the Festival.  May 3rd, 2016. Andria Case-CTV News. Check out a sunny video clip from the Oasis pool deck, recapping the Pride Toronto press conference and a look at festival highlights for June and July.

Dust Off The Thong-Pride Beefs Up Party To A Month May 3rd, 2016. Mike Strobel-The Sun.Oasis Aqualounge hosted the Pride Toronto press release on Tuesday May 3rd, featuring entertainment and Executive Director Mathieu Chantelois.

My First Time: At A Sex Club. May 1st, 2016.  Blogger Red Hot Suz recounts her very first visit to Oasis Aqualounge for the popular monthly event ‘Unicorn Night.’

Review of ‘Money Shot-Live Porn & Erotic Photography March 4th, 2016. A great review of Bad Kitty’s  experience at ‘Money Shot-Live Porn & Erotic Photography; a monthly event held on the last Tuesday  at Oasis Aqualounge.

Oasis Aqualounge Hosting Press Conference with Pride Toronto-35th anniversary of the Bathhouse RaidsDaily Xtra-February 5th/ 2016.

8 Unusual Places To Have Sex in Toronto: NARCITY Toronto. December 14th/2015. Lee North includes Oasis Aqualounge as one of the top 8 places to have sex in Toronto.

CIUT 89.5: Sex City Radio InterviewSapphic Aquatica celebrates 3 years on Jan. 31st/2016. Producer/host Miss F talks about the exclusive, bi-monthly event for women & trans people at Oasis Aqualounge

This Is What Happens When You Go To A Porn Shoot At A Toronto Club: Vice Magazine. January 5th, 2016. Manisha Krishnan explores the ‘ins and outs’ of the monthly event ‘Money Shot-Live Porn & Erotic Photography.

Exploring the city’s unique sexy sidePost City Magazine. November 2015. Dr Jess O’Reilly on how a sense of adventure can help spice things up in bedroom.

Topless March in T.O.  Toronto Sun. August 24th, 2015. Miss F, the Oasis AquaFlirts and owner Jana Rodriguez are featured in the Toronto Sun article, recapping the public ‘Walk Topless’ march.

Topless March planned for Sunday in Toronto: Toronto Sun. August 19th, 2015. Event coordinator/Marketing Director Miss F is leading a pack of topless women and bikini clad men in a march to illustrate inequalities and the sexualization of women’s bodies.

Inside look from the Toronto sex club that hosted a party for (people with) disabilities.  Vice Magazine. August 17th, 2015.  Inside Toronto’s first accessible play party from the perspective of a volunteer.

Group throwing ‘Deliciously Disabled’ sex-positive party in Toronto during Parapan Am GamesThe Canadian Press. August 9th, 2015.  More international media coverage about ‘Oasis Aqualounge Reveals #DeliciouslyDisabled.

The Guy’s Guide to Sex Clubs. Anthony Marcusa. August 4th, 2015. A great article on a  Oasis Aqualounge, from the male perspective of a first time visitor.

Sex, Intimacy & Disability: Meet the Deliciously Disabled. Shared Values/ TVO.org.  August 4th, 2015.  Digital Media Producer Iman Sheikh interviews Miss F and the team behind the #DeliciouslyDisabled event. This article discusses why people with disabilities want a sex party and the message behind the party.

The Epicenter of Erotica. Post City Magazine. July 1st, 2015. Dr Jess O’Reilly discusses diversity and positive attitudes as contributions towards thriving sex businesses in Toronto.

http://badkittyblog.com/spectator-sex/. Check out writer Bad Kitty Blog’s  first time experience at Spectator Sex, a monthly event held on the last Friday at Oasis Aqualounge.

Meet the Organizers Behind What Might Be the World’s First Disabled Orgy.  Vice Magazine, June 9th, 2015. Mike Pearl interviews Miss F and the team behind the accessible play party at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre-Friday Aug. 14th.

Toronto Club hosting an accessible sex party – Toronto Star, Saturday June 6th, 2015Sexuality, disability and accessibility make a great team!

Oasis Aqualounge Reveals #DeliciouslyDisabled – Toronto Sun,Thursday June 4th, 2015. Miss F has teamed up with Andrew Morrison Gurza and Stella Palikarova for Toronto’s very first accessible, masquerade-themed play party at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre.

Tourism Toronto Shuns Sex Club – Toronto Sun, June 1st, 2015. Miss F is interviewed by Sun columnist Mike Strobel about being denied a listing in the 2016 Tourism Toronto Guide after almost a year of conversations and applications.

Vice News. com – May, 2015.  An article featuring one person’s first experience at Oasis Aqualounge and their visit during a birthday party on May 18, 2015. By Kristel Jax.

Rock 107 and Mix 97 FM: ‘Weekend Magazine.’ March 2015  Miss F was interviewed recently  by Sean Kelly, a talk show DJ for for Quinte Radio.   They discuss the upcoming event The Gentleman’s Hour, 50 Shades, Oasis and being yourself. Click below to listen.

Toronto’s sex party scene!  Flare Magazine, February 2015.  Check out this full and sexy article about the sex party scene in Toronto. Oasis Aqualounge has a mention about Sass After Class/Spit Porn Shoot.  The city seems to be evolving towards a much more liberated place in general-we like that!

Rogers Cable TV Show – Bringing Sexy Back with host Mercedes Jones, January, 2015. Watch this episode where Mercedes interviews Oasis owner Jana and Miss F about the club and how newcomers can plan their first visit.

Daily Xtra-Arts and Entertainment Section. September 2014. Miss F was interviewed by Jeremy Willard about the new, gender neutral, all-inclusive event at Oasis-‘Hot Kiss.’

Daily Xtra-Arts and Entertainment. January 2014. The exclusive event for women/trans people-Sapphic Aquatica-celebrated it’s one year anniversary. Producer/promoted Miss F talks to Jeremy Willard about the growth of this event and special features planned for the one-year anniversary party.

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