MEGA Secretary: Office Fantasies by Miss F

Our themed MEGA parties are a fun way to celebrate a Sunday evening at Oasis Aqualounge; on Sunday January 8th, we are celebrating sexy secretaries and hot, office role play with MEGA Secretary, starting at 8pm.

This theme in particular awoke my deepest urges and I wanted to share my office fantasy with you.  Hopefully, this will inspire guests  to live out their own desires at this exciting, upcoming event.

My office fantasy begins with a walk into the office of my superior. My tight pencil skirt hugs my hips and ass and I feel a new strength in my calves, as I balance on black leather, 6 inch stiletto heels. I enter the room and stride towards my Boss , who happens to be wearing an expensive  suit and silk tie. I lean towards them, offering an  important file. However, I then realize that I actually brought the wrong file, just minutes before a very important meeting!

My Boss-obviously perturbed- makes me aware of  how disappointed they are with me and that I deserve a punishment for being such a forgetful secretary.

Standing up from their desk, they  grab the incorrect  file  from my hand and motion for me to come closer. They slowly walk around me, close the door to the office and approach me again from behind.

With one hand on the small of my back, they bend me over over their desk and very…slowly… lift up my skirt , just high enough to see the small curve  of my ass cheeks, hugged in white, silk panties. With a quick snap, they swat me on the bum, with the file. I close my eyes and feel my panties moisten with desire.  I feel a few  fingers pry open my lips and then hear a crumpling of papers; suddenly, the wrong file is now balled up and  shoved them in my mouth. I  make a few inaudible muffling sounds, along with some soft moans.

With my skirt raised high and panties slid down to my knees,  they take a large, thick black marker and write slut across my bottom. I arch my back and turn my head slowly to  look back, begging for more punishment.  I feel three hard fingers slide into my pussy and hear a whisper against my ear; ‘hopefully this will remind you to take better notes and remember your deadlines.’ 

I cum hard, grabbing at the edges of the desk and my glasses-once perched across the bridge of my nose, slide down to my chin. My hair comes loose from my tight bun and cascades around my face in soft strands.

To this day, I  remember my ‘punishment’ but I still continued to make mistakes at the office. Wouldn’t you? *wink*