Miss F reviews Crescendo: Worlds First Body Adaptable Vibe

While I am definitely not new to the world of vibrators, I am new writing sex toy reviews. When the marketing manager of Crescendo: worlds’s first body-adapting 6-motor smart vibrator contacted me to review this product, I was stoked. I dig the idea of pleasure in the name of research and I really wanted to dig this toy.

To start, the Crescendo is absolutely gorgeous; silicon smooth to the touch with a nice bit of length and weight.  It is also 100% waterproof.  The packaging alone had me wet with anticipation; the box it came in presented itself like a gift. Inside, the Crescendo was snuggled against a soft, black, quilted bag (for travel) and the instructions were discreetly tucked into a black, compact envelop. It was as though this toy wanted to share sexy secrets with me; we were on a journey together. Oh yes, there was also silky black ribbon to boot. If this was a first date, the Crescendo killed it with an exquisite first impression.

As I examined the contents, I noticed the  charging station. The flat, circular charger fits into any USB port but the toy itself does not  plug into anything. Instead,  the toy is laid on top of the charger, giving it a very cool, wireless feel. As someone who came of sex toy age, handling bulky, AA or AAA batteries, this was  new for me. I currently own a few vibes that charge via USB but nothing with ‘no strings attached.’   Overall, the design of the Crescendo is modern, high-tech and downright sexy.

Wireless charging

However, as much as the packaging and design had me swooning at first sight, that is not what gets me off, so let’s get to the important stuff.

The Crescendo offers various vibration patters, via a six-speed motor. While it claims to offer intense sensations, I personally did not find that to be the case and neither did my partner.  Since I regularly use a cordless wand (which is intense), I decided to give myself a vibrator break of about a week. I returned the Crescendo to my sweet spot but still…not quite there.  Despite the options available to me,  this toy didn’t quite do it for me.  However, I did enjoy how quiet the motors were and the soft, purring noises it gave off.

One critique is the buttons that control the vibration patterns and the volume (found more towards the tip of the toy) were too small and too close together. It was a bit tricky to amp up the volume and also a little awkward to turn it on and off. If the design ever changes, I would recommend more spacing and large buttons, for easier access.

Curves to your body

Fun for strap on play

That said, I did a little experimenting with the shape because the biggest feature of this vibe is that it bends into different positions and can be used solo or with a partner. I  tried bending it to fit inside of me, attempting to hit my G-spot. It could be the shape of my own body but the toy didn’t curve quite enough to properly hit it.  However, it did provide a yummy sensation when curving the around my vulva, rubbing against my clit.

My favorite way to use this toy was to stick it through my  harness, bending the wider, flatter end against my clit and poking out the thinner end for penetration. However, my partner doesn’t enjoy internal vibrations, so this didn’t really work for dual play.

As for solo use, this was enjoyable! By sticking the vibe through a harness and bending into the more sensitive areas of my body, I then had my hands free; a great way to stimulate myself while manually pleasing my partner.

It’s so easy to clean!

In considering all of the factors, I came to the conclusion that the Crescendo is best used as a warm up during foreplay. The vibrations are pleasant and it offers a great tease. I think this would be a great toy for those who are new to vibrators or for those who are more sensitive in nature.

I need to mention  that the Crescendo can be paired with the MysteryVibe App so that you can customize your vibrations on your smart phone. This is a great feature for someone who wants to further personalize their sensual experience.

Overall, I am glad to add this toy to my tickle truck as it adds  variety to my play but the cordless wand will always have a special place in my heart.