Oasis AquaFlirts at Pride 2017: Thanks For Coming Out!

The Oasis AquaFlirts  were in full flirty force during  Pride 2017 which was celebrated throughout the entire month of June.  This fun-loving and diverse team of promotional staff spread the Oasis message of sex and body positivity in and around the Church and Wellesley Village  and the downtown core.  Our newest AquaFlirt AquaBella joined in the fun and loved being the center of attention!

In addition to offerings of 50% coupons for first-time guests of the club, the AquaFlirts also handed out branded helium balloons and  Pride tattoos, that were created especially for Pride Month-proud and flirty indeed!


The AquaFlirts love meeting new people and made a lot of friends during Toronto Pride. Whether it was tourists  visiting Toronto or Pride festivities for the first time, the AquaFlirts offered a friendly smile, information about Oasis Aqualounge and fun photo opportunities with various groups involved in the festival. Catch them all summer long at upcoming events in Toronto this summer.