Oasis AquaFlirts Celebrate Go Topless Day

Saturday August 26th marked the official, worldwide  Go Topless Day.  Go Topless Day is always held on August 26th, as it aligns with ‘Women’s Equality Day,’ wherein women won the right to vote in 1920.

While being topless in Ontario is legal for everyone (thank you, Gwen Jacobs), societal norms and double standards prevail, shaming women into hiding their breasts and nipples. To this day, women’s bodies are still seen as sexual objects and many do not exercise their legal right to go topless in fear of being judged or in fear of sexual violence.

This past weekend, the Oasis AquaFlirts  participated in  a topless picnic at  Nathan Philips Square, encouraging friends and members of Oasis Aqualounge to join them. This peaceful sit-in was both a demonstration of legal rights and also a fun, social outing.  Folks of various genders enjoyed a sunny Saturday afternoon, taking advantage of the warm weather which has typically been fickle this  summer.  Mother Nature cooperated, allowing the AquaFlirts to get something off their chest!

Did you miss the AquaFlirts?  Catch our fun and flirty promotional team at the upcoming  Vanity Adult Fan Expo on September 16th.