Oasis Aqualounge Does The Global Marijuana March-May 2nd

On Saturday May 2nd, the Oasis promo team traveled to Queen’s Park for the 17th annual Global Marijuana March. While Oasis Aqualounge is now a completely smoke- free establishment, we support such liberal values. This peaceful march attracts up to 20,000 medical and recreational cannabis enthusiasts.

The afternoon was sunny and warm and at ‘high noon,’  Queen’s Park attracted hundreds of people to rally  in support of new cannabis laws.  Armed with promotional postcards and decked out in the signature aqua tank tops, the promo team had a chance to speak with people from all walks of life and tell them more about the club. This opportunity offered the chance to get the word out about Oasis, as well as have a little fun on a Saturday afternoon. Check out the photo gallery and stay tuned for more Oasis representation throughout the summer months.