Oasis Aqualounge Featured Employee

Oasis Aqualounge is more than just a venue; we are a community hub for sex-positive businesses, educators and performers.   Our club is made up of wonderful members who embrace our sexually-liberated, clothing-optional and body positive values.

This week, we are excited to showcase our Oasis Aqualounge Featured Employee Mack;  a Customer Service Rep and Oasis AquaFlirt.

If you love visiting Oasis Aqualounge and would like to be included, please email info@oasisaqualounge.com, attention Miss F.

Q: What is your favorite part about Oasis?

My favorite part about Oasis has honestly been the amazing friendships that I’ve formed with both coworkers and customers at the club. I’ve met some incredibly human beings who share my values and views on sex, polyamory, and queer lifestyles and politics, and since I’ve come out as trans it’s been incredibly hard to find a lot of people who agree with me on these things. I really appreciate Oasis providing the space for like-minded people to come together and connect.

Q: What was your first time at Oasis like?

My first time at Oasis was scary! I had never been to a spa before, let alone a clothing optional environment! Where people were allowed to have sex? I was so nervous. How would people view my trans body? What sort of people would I meet? Will I even want to take my clothes off? Once I arrived I took off some clothes and went to the bar. The staff were warm and welcoming, and very kind with me and my girlfriend. They answered my questions and spoke to my concerns, and I ended up feeling comfortable enough to remove my garments and have a lovely time.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my free time I love going to shows and music events. I’m a huge fan of Pop Punk music and a regular show goer, and I can often be found at the weekly Pop Punk dance party Homesick.

Q: What is your favorite time to visit and why?

My two favorite nights at Oasis are Naked Karaoke and Bathhouse and Bodyworks. Karaoke draws this amazing crowd of regulars who are non-judgemental and just want to sing with their friends! The host Scarlet is a complete angel and makes sure everyone gets to sing and have fun, and has an awesome variety of music from classics, to obscure hits, to my favorite Pop Punk go-tos. Bathhouse and Bodyworks is the monthly event for Queer individuals, which features Drag and Pole performers, as well as occasional fetish features and even a Tarot Reader. The type of folx who come to Bathhouse are so incredibly different from the regular crowd at Oasis and gives me a guaranteed space where I’ll be safe, comfortable, and among the Queer community.

Q: What is your favorite play room at the club?

My favorite play room is the “Red Room” on the third floor. What Millennial doesn’t dream about having a whole room just devoted to a bed?