Oasis Aqualounge Featured Staff: Miss Lola Jean

Oasis Aqualounge is more than just a venue; we are a community hub for sex-positive businesses, educators and performers. Our club is made up of wonderful members who embrace our sexually-liberated, clothing-optional and body positive values.

This week, we are excited to showcase our Oasis Aqualounge Featured Staff; Oasis AquaFlirtMiss Lola Jean

If you love visiting Oasis Aqualounge and would like to be included, please email info@oasisaqualounge.com, attention Miss F.

1)    What is your favorite part of Oasis Aqualounge?

My favorite part about Oasis Aqualounge is the amazing friendships and relationships that I’ve gained from spending time there! I’ve met some really amazing and beautiful humans and it makes my heart happy! The community that I discovered really made a huge impact on my experiences that I’ve had there. And it’s also helped me find confidence and to explore my sexuality.

2)    What was your first visit like?

My first visit made me so nervous! I was scared to be naked in front of people.  A friend and I made a long trip to get there (before I lived in the city) and I had never been to a sex club before. I remember getting dressed up in fancy underwear and after getting the tour of the place, immediately ditching my clothes and getting in the pool! It was really romantic and stimulating to be in that environment. I felt so comfortable in my own skin, which really surprised me. And I’ve been as naked as possible, when possible, ever since!

3)   When is your favorite time to visit the club and why?

Sunday nights are usually my favorite.  I love Bathhouse night so much because the drag performers are amazing and it’s just a really fun party night and I always have a good time!

Swordplay night is another favorite because I love bi guys! And for the boylesque performers!

Money Shot is another favorite event of mine, watching and participating in the porn and photo shoots is a lot of fun for me!

4)    What is your favorite play room at Oasis?

For having a bdsm scene, you will usually find me in the dungeon. As for group play/hangouts, the red room is my favorite.

5)     What drew you to the Oasis AquaFlirt position?

I had been a regular/spectator sex performer at the club for almost a year. I loved the vibe and idea of working in a place like Oasis, and all of the staff seemed like a super amazing team to be a part of! I love talking to people inside and outside the club about Oasis anyway, so it seemed like a natural fit for me.

6)     What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m a pretty big homebody, especially now that it’s winter and cold out. I enjoy reading, writing naughty stories and snuggling with my lovers! I also enjoy getting tied up, and getting in front of a camera to make erotic photography!