Oasis Guests Rules For Private Room

To give as many people as possible the opportunity to use the fourth floor private room, Oasis has implemented new Private Room policies. Below are the details of how it works and how you can use the space.

There is a 2 hour limit to use the Private room. Rooms at this time cannot be reserved in advance; only once you are at the club.

There is no charge to use the Private Room beyond the door fee for that day.

There must be at least 2 people to use the room.  The room cannot be used for solo play.

An ID and Credit Card must be presented at the Pay station to use the room or a $40 cash deposit if you do not have a credit card. By providing us your details, you become responsible for this room within this 2 hour time limit.

You will be provided a key.  Please return the key to the Pay station when you are done.

If after 2 hours you have not vacated the room, a staff member will come in and remind you.

There can be No extreme BDSM play. (No blood play, water sports, asphyxiation, rape role playing) Do Not leave your Sub tied up and leave the room.

No outside alcohol is permitted or drug paraphernalia in that room or anywhere else at Oasis. If any of these items are found, we will ask you to leave, with the possibility of being banned.

No smoking or vaping is allowed in the room or anywhere else in the club and pool area.  We have designated smoking area.

The Private room is not a change room and you are not allowed to store your items in there. We provide complimentary lockers for that purpose.

Any damages to the private room after it’s been used, you will be responsible for paying for. A staff member will go and clean the room after each use to ensure it remains in good condition and to confirm no damage has been done.

If you are unsure of the rules, please ask our staff to clarify. We appreciate your co-operation as we aim to keep this space clean and welcoming for each new user.