Oasis is creating an erotic library!

jon pressiclOasis Aqualounge is now in the process of developing a library of erotic literature! In addition to providing sexy reading material to guests during their visit to the club, Oasis will also be hosting upcoming events designed around erotic stories, readings and writing exercises for you and your partner!  Be sure to visit our Events page to check out titillating features that will make you want to turn the page…and turn you on!

Stay tuned for more details on these displays and how you can borrow a book while enjoying the venue.  More information will be announced in near future.

A special thank you to Jon Pressick, who has gathered this collection and will be the official curator of this new offering.

Jon Pressick is a sexual community’s gadabout. Writer, editor, broadcaster, pundit, organizer, provocateur. Jon recently wrapped work on his first edition as editor of the long-running book series Best Sex Writing 2015, due out in early 2015. He also contributed a chapter on the amazing aspect of anal sex to the forthcoming book Secrets of the Sex Masters. Jon also contributes a bi-weekly column “Sex Stories We Love” for Kinkly.com. You can find his writing daily at .http://sexinwords.ca/ When not writing about sex, Jon talks about sex as one of the cohosts of Sex City as well as being a frequent guest on numerous podcasts. If you happen to be in Toronto, you may have seen Jon strip in a burlesque show, talk on a panel at a sex conference, read his Choose Your Own Sex Adventure erotica or lead a workshop on prostate pleasure. 

You can visit the link to see an upcoming list of titles, coming soon! http://sexinwords.ca/oasis-erotic-library/