Oasis is a space in which we hope all guests can feel comfortable expressing themselves sexually. As such, masturbation is allowed at Oasis. 

With that said, it’s important that guests be conscious of how their actions are perceived by other guests, and how those actions impact other guests experiences. 

If you wish to masturbate at Oasis, please ensure that you are doing so in a space where you are not interfering with others enjoying the space. Masturbating in high traffic areas, such as doorways, staircases, restrooms and the change room is not permitted.

If you enter a space, such as the dungeon or ballroom, and guests are already playing, do not interrupt them. If you wish to masturbate, it is essential that you do so far enough away from the guests that you are not interrupting them, and they do not feel that you are attempting to interfere with their experience. If they ask you to move further away, please respect that they were in the space first, and leave them alone. 

There are certain behaviors that could make the average guest feel uncomfortable. Oasis reserves the right to speak to guests displaying such behaviors, and remove guests if need be. Examples of such behaviors include following guests/staff whilst masturbating, standing too close to guests/staff while masturbating and masturbating at inappropriate times (such as during talks or during non-sexual group activities such as yoga). This list is not exhaustive. 

We want everyone to have a comfortable and enjoyable time at Oasis. We appreciate your efforts to help us achieve this.