Oasis Online Connections Network: Advanced Social Media 2.0 with Video

Dear Monthly Subscribers:

As part of an ongoing promise to improve your Oasis Aqualounge online experience, we are excited to announce Advanced Social Media 2.0 with Video.

With your existing Oasis Aqualounge Membership, you can now post and view videos right in your profile and on the newsfeed! The new features include:

  • Videos: Post Videos in newsfeed posts, messages, and profiles
  • Mentions: Like Facebook, you can now add mentions using the @ sign and a member profile name in newsfeed posts, messages, and photo/video captions (such as @OasisAquaLounge . The mentions trigger a notification to the member and ability to see everywhere you are mentioned!
  • Hashtags: Include #hashtags in newsfeed posts, messages, and photo/video captions. This includes the ability to search by hashtag to see all posts/photos/videos that include a hashtag!
  • Hot Videos! See the hottest videos of the month just like you can see hot pics!
  • Saved Newsfeed Filters: Filter the newsfeed to your friends or members you marked Like, or even to just new videos. And you can save your newsfeed filters as your defaults.

This is a brand new version of the system, so if you see any problems, do not post on the newsfeed! Instead please click on the bottom of the page and “report a problem” to our platform partners, @Modern_LifestyleRules


To make the new social media features fun for all members, Oasis Aqualounge has developed some rules regarding the new platform functions:


  • Cannot contain images of anyone under 19+ or animals (even in the background)
  • Revealing someone’s face is not allowed unless there is documented approval (I say ‘documented’ to make members take this more seriously, although we can’t prove it).
  • Cannot contain images of CNC (Consent Non-Consent)
  • Cannot contain images of pain or aggravated struggle
  • Cannot contain images of blood or any other bodily fluids aside from cum/ ejaculate
  • Cannot contain images of weapons, outside of commonly used kink implements (e.g.: floggers, impact play toys)


  • Please exercise consent and proper etiquette when mentioning (@ symbol) another member.  If that member chooses to ignore your comment or asks you to stop, respect their wishes.
  • Mentions cannot be used to insult, intimidate or to sexually harass another member.